Unclaimed Scholarships from many Colleges

Unclaimed Scholarships for College
Unclaimed Scholarships for College

Unclaimed scholarships for college are found at many college’s today, but you may have to apply to the colleges first to see them; and apply later then normal too.

Thats when the magic happens – after you apply and get to see your financial award letter.

These are the easy scholarships for college!

You sit back after you submit your online application and FAFSA to colleges you’re intersted in and wait for the colleges to work up your award letter.

Certain unclaimed scholarships for college are those financial awards you really don’t know about until after you have submited your application. They are given away to those who fall into a certain qualifying standard which colleges establish for themselves and can even change during the year so as to include more students for various reasons – which are usually based on low enrollment.

Remember; colleges need student enrollment to survive, and keep yearly federal student financial aid coming in from the government. So when enrollment is down they go into survival mode; which means they lower the qualifying gates to entice more students to attend.

They do this by lowering qualifying GPA’s for scholarships, grants and ACT scores. They may even create programs such as Opportunity Grants (which may mean someone with a 20 or below ACT and/or 2.00 GPA’s.

In other words they are allowing students in who previously didn’t qualify; and awarding them great financial aid packages!

This is all good as far as we are concerned on this website because our motto is that all higher education should be fully subsidized for any student who wants to attend college in order to better themselves in life.

When people do graduate form college, they enrich everyone around them, including themselves, and this tranlates into a better world for all of us.

Now; how do I know this?

I’m speaking from recent experience here. Let me give you a personal example of how it worked for me.

It just so happens that my twin children applied to a few colleges; and one with a 3.95 GPA, and a 28 ACT score got a financial aid award equal to my other child who had a 2.94 GPA and 20 ACT.

Now I might add that the 20 ACT score child applied to many colleges to find that; but he was persistant. We both tried to find colleges with falling enrollment over the last two years.

He also applied to colleges longer (into July) – which is the time that many falling enrollment universities start to lower their qualifying standards. This is the time they start to panic and will put every student just about in one way or another with all kinds of newly formed grants, scholarships and financial aid awards.

The alternative for them is possible extinction simply because operating cost can sink any ship – even colleges if there’s no captain on board overseeing their financials.

Remember colleges are a business, and students are the product that produce their revenue to sustain them. In fact these procedures are most likely already in place; which is why the 20 ACT got the same as the 28 ACT in the story above.

It might have taken longer to get, but this is how unclaimed scholarships can be gotten.

If students aren’t picky about where to attend college, then the above can happen to just about anyone.

Apply to universities and colleges with falling enrollments, and later might be better then sooner.

Unclaimed scholarships = easy scholarships.

This is how I accidentally ran across, and got unclaimed college scholarships with my two darlings – and you can too!

What a pleasant surprise!

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