The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships should never go Unclaimed

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The Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships

If you are a resident in Kalamazoo there is no reason for you to worry about financial aid anymore, thanks to the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships, which are provided to allow students get free tuition in the universities that are found in the state of Michigan.

These easy scholarships should never go unclaimed because they are free college tuition!

In as far as eligibility is concerned this scholarship program is available for all the students that attend Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS). In line with the availability of the program to students who go to school within the region, it also follows that the applicants must also be living within the boundaries of the KPS.

Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships Eligibility Requirements

For you to be eligible for the scholarships you must also have achieved all the high school years that are necessary. One of the main reasons why students are often encouraged to apply for these college scholarships is because of the fact that the scholarships are offered in perpetuity.

Therefore you can be sure that even after you have applied, so many years later on your kids and their kids might also be able to apply for consideration.

The promise is often a scholarship aid that covers a 4 year period, or up to the time that you graduate with your bachelor’s degree, or until you attain 130 credits, whichever of the three will come first.

The scholarship program is also flexible in the sense that from the day you graduate from your high school education you are allowed up to 10 years to use the Promise award. Apart from that, you are free to start and stop it at any given time.

Those who receive the unclaimed scholarship need to understand that it goes basically towards taking care of tuition fees and other fees that are deemed mandatory. As soon as you start your senior year, you can apply for consideration.

Apart from that, in the same year you can use the appeal process to secure further financial aid in the event that you are going through some challenges, including but not necessarily limited to custody issues, loss of a parent or guardian or even those who are placed under foster care.

In the event that you have already started on the Kalamazoo Promise but you need to leave and return later on, your attendance will be calculated from the date when the most recent enrollment process was held. Therefore you need to take these dates into consideration.

The benefits that are awarded to students applying to the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship program are graduated on a sliding scale because the aim in the long run is to make sure that all the attendees are able to get the maximum benefit possible from the program.

One of the main reasons for this is to encourage the families of the students who live within the predetermined region to make sure that they decide early enough to enroll their students into the program, and to ensure that they keep their kids into the program all the way until they graduate.

When you are being accepted into any college, it is not necessary for you to fill in a FAFSA form. However, you have to take note of the fact that it is virtually impossible for you to apply for any scholarship or financial aid in any university or college without filling in and submitting one.

Besides, the financial support available through the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship is not listed in the FAFSA form. Therefore you will not be disqualified from applying to other financial aid programs by virtue of the fact that you have applied to and are receiving Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship as is the case with a host of the other financial aid programs.

Once you have received the award, it is important that you maintain some predetermined academic performances to be considered for subsequent disbursement. Students must attain at least a 2.0 GPA and also be enrolled as full time students in the institution within which they applied and were accepted.

Unclaimed college scholarships will never be found with the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarships. This program is about as financially strong for student aid as it gets!

If there are easier college scholarships out there; please let us know in the comment section found at the bottom of every webpage on this site.

We are truly impressed with this program and salute the people that made this possible!

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