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When it comes to easy scholarships found online which may go unclaimed because students simply don’t know about them; you must seriously consider online study for college. Once such place has them and you have to ask the following questions:

Do free Christian scholarships exist?

Are there scholarships for online schools?

Can students find free online tuition?

Yes to all of the above!

Trinity College of Biblical Studies is a free Bible college that is run online so that the individuals who wish to learn a thing or two are able to do so without worrying about having to pay steep school fees through their education.

Over the years there have been a lot of institutions that have come up to help in making college education a viable alternative for students, especially those who are not able to afford normal college education.

Indeed the cost of education has since gone high up, and with this in mind there are so many students who have been locked out of school. Through Trinity College of Biblical Studies, the students are able to appreciate quite a number of advantages that perhaps they would not have been able to achieve through any other means.

Supervised Internship

When you are registered for this learning opportunity, one of the biggest challenges that students often worry about is whether or not they will be in a position to secure an internship. This is due to the fears that students naturally have as to the nature of online education. At Trinity College of Biblical Studies you are guaranteed that you will not only be able to secure an internship, but you will actually be able to get a supervisor on the same to guide you through it all.

Bachelor’s Degree

It is not uncommon to come across students who wonder whether or not they will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in their online course. Trinity College of Biblical Studies does offer programs which lead up to graduation level. You will therefore be able to take up courses and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Theology, Biblical Studies or Divinity from the institution. This therefore makes it possible for you to venture into the real world and put your learned skills to use.

Studying at your own pace from these online easy scholarships!

The fact that you are able to determine how you want to go about your studies is one of the other benefits that you will come to appreciate when you choose to enroll with Trinity College of Biblical Studies. You can decide how many classes you want to take, at what pace you want to study and make sure that you have a class schedule that fits into your system, and not one that will disrupt your system. Therefore you do not have a lot of undue pressure applied.


Just in case you were wondering, you will also be able to write your thesis paper just as you would do with any conventional class system. You can of course choose not to do this, but what would be the need? It is therefore a very good idea for you to consider getting to enroll in Trinity College of Biblical Studies because you will also get to write your thesis paper and submit it to be considered by a lecturer or tutor.

The study programs that are available here are progressive because they are accelerated study programs. Because of this you will be able to do so much within a very short time. This is therefore a very good way of getting to learn something in a short time, or in the event that you want to prepare for a course you will be taking in future at a particular university, it wouldn’t hurt for you to start by getting a primer here.

For all who attend Trinity College of Biblical Studies along with tuition free scholarships.

For those students who are deeply involved in theological spheres, there is a good reason to enroll with Trinity College of Biblical Studies; you will be able to attend the pilgrimages to the Footsteps of Paul.

You will also be able to get on the pilgrimage to The Holy Land.

*These are opportunities that come once in a lifetime, and for someone who is religious, you would be well in your desires to want to attend these. Besides, the pilgrimages are low cost, and highly subsidized.

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  1. Joao Kimvuama says:

    Dear brother and sisters in the lord , this is to advise you that i would like to take up courses and graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies from your institution .
    But i am so poor that i cannot sponsor the above studies for myself .

    So , i hereby beg you to assist me to make my dream come true in the lord .Amen !

    Joao Ngiengo Kimvuama

    Pastor of Jesus – Christ

  2. admin says:


    you must go directly to the sponsor of this articles website and apply there. Go to: http://www.trinitycollegeofbiblicalstudies.com/

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