Unclaimed Scholarships for Driving while Drinking or Buzzed

Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed Scholarships for Drinking, Driving or Buzzed Students

When it comes to unclaimed scholarships, the drinking, driving or buzzed students scholarships may take the cake for the most unusual simply because it may at first appearance of when initially reading it someone may think to themselves “what’s this world coming to today that scholarships are handed out for driving drunk or buzzed?”

Actually; the drunk driving buzzed scholarship is awarded for ‘Admitting’ to driving drunk or buzzed and writing about it. It’s an essay scholarship you can say –  if it sounds better to you.

I have to admit that I dropped everything to read about it the moment I saw those words – Driving Drunk or Buzzed Scholarship offered to Colorado students!

I said to myself:

NO –  this can’t be true!

This is not right!

This is awful!

This can’t be happening – financial aid awarded for driving drunk?

Come on!

I must do something about this!

This will promote more student drinking (as if there isn’t enough of it already)!

Colorado is one of the states which legalized marijuana and I also thought that “Now they want to make driving while drinking or getting stoned OK too?

It may appear at first that Colorado wants to revert back to the Wild Wild West days –  when just about anything goes!

And yes, there are pro’s and con’s with just about everything in life especially when it comes to legalizing a controlled substance (or one that can make people make choices which they normally would not have if they were not using it).

Only when I did my research on this unusual scholarship that I started to agree with the reason behind this driving and drinking scholarship for Colorado students.

“No” our editors did not smoke anything  to tell you we agree with whats behind this drunk driving buzzed essay scholarship either.

The angel is in the details that’s all; and after I tell you a little more about it you may agree with us too. So here’s the long and short of this unique drug or alcohol induced scholarship program.

Unclaimed Scholarships for Drunk or Buzzed Students

The unclaimed scholarship for driving while drinking or buzzed is for $1,000 and any US citizen can apply who will be attending a higher education school in the US. May 1st is deadline for submission of student essays in which students are to write about their buzzed driving habit.

The scholarship is sponsored by Christian Schwaner, a private defense attorney in Colorado Springs. He officially called it the ‘First Step Scholarship. He launched his financial award purely in an attempt to help lessen the vast number of high school students who drive while under the influence of alcohol, or high on drugs.

Mr Schwaner got his inspiration for creating such an award being a defense attorney representing multitudes of young drivers who made the mistake of driving intoxicated or high on drugs. He feels that this unusual scholarship will help students admit their mistakes once they start researching the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs and this will help them to not do it any longer.

He states in his own words:

“I was trying to find what might be something that is a light-bulb moment for these kids, ” Schwaner said. “Self-admission and self-education are very powerful tools.”

Rep. Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, agrees with Mr Schwaner’s idea and has stated that “it has the potential to be “incredibly powerful” in reducing drunken driving”.

I agree with Mr Schwaner because it may be like having a watershed moment for many younger drivers who start driving today, which many people need in the first place to truly change ones behavior on just about anything in life; especially drugs and alcohol.

Apparently statistics indicate that the average person drives nearly 80 times before they are arrested for drinking and driving. Now if after the 3rd to 10th time kids start to do some heavy thinking about how dangerous it is to drive a motor vehicle while intoxicated; then life’s can be potentially saved from this.

If this programs helps many young drivers admit their mistakes of driving while under the influence and how much pain and suffering it can cause in other Peoples life’s, and then go and educate their peers and others about this then it will become a highly touted program that has no equal of its kind.

Students who drive while under the influence must realize that having a driver’s license is a privilege to drive a motor vehicle in the USA and that by having a driver’s license they are subject to the laws which clearly state that it is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can be subject to losing ones drivers license or imprisonment.

Unfortunately, many young (and other) drivers learn this the hard way and kill innocent people while doing recreational drinking and or drugs and then jump in a car.

Hopefully, there will be many other scholarship sponsors who offer these same type of awards which calls attention and educates the dangers in order to reduce motor vehicle operated deaths caused by younger drivers believing it is OK to drink, or use drugs and then drive.

*Have we changed your mind about the Driving while drunk or buzzed scholarship program?

Please leave us a comment about this highly controversial student award below!

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