Simple Scholarships from Life Lessons Scholarship Program

Simple Scholarships

Simple Scholarships from Life Lessons Scholarship Program

There may be some simple scholarships that certain students can apply to and easily win if they experienced the loss of a parent or guardian and writing about their experience in an essay.

These easy to apply scholarships are called the Life Lessons Scholarship Program and are sponsored by the nonprofit LIFE Happens organization.

Organized in 1994 by 7 major insurance producer organizations, the LIFE Happens organization is devoted in helping people understand that having life, disability or long term care insurance is the responsible thing to do in providing security in one’s personal life, especially when it comes to their families.

Life Happens is not interested in selling you insurance or directing towards any particular insurance company either. They clearly state on their website that” Its only interest is seeing that consumers get the coverage they need to protect themselves and their loved ones”.

They try to educate the general population by using advertising, public-service announcements, consumer-media outreach programs, informational flyers along with videos, and plethora of online and social-media type communications, They also provide educational programs for high school as well as college students.

Since Life Happens is non-profit, they secure donations from 140 of the nation’s leading insurance & financial services organizations.

Life Happens goal is to make sure that students are guaranteed to attend college from an untimely death of a parent or guardian by making sure there was an adequate life insurance policy in effect.

Since life insurance is a safety net parents can have in place if they were to unexpectedly die, this can be used to insure children can easily attend a higher education with little, or no problem whatsoever.

Life’s argument is that 100 million Americans do not have life insurance to cover such things as their children being able to easy attend college from the loss.

Simple Scholarships from the Life Lessons Scholarships Guidelines

This Life Lessons Scholarship Program is for college students & college bound high school seniors. All applicants are required to submit essays, or a video describing how the death of their parent impacted their lives emotionally and financially.

$225,000 in scholarships will be awarded in 2015 and broken down as follows:

Grand Scholarship Recipients (3): $15,000
Board of Directors Scholarship (1): $10,000
Life Lessons Swiss Re Scholarship (1): $10,000
Life Lessons State Farm Foundation (2): $12,500
First Runners-Up (10): $8,000
Second Runners-Up (11): $5,000

Applications can be filled out online too along with your 500 word essay OR a three minute video on the financial & emotional impact that resulted from the death of their parent.

Especially important is how your college dreams and aspirations were financially crippled as a result because no life insurance was in place to provide for this.

Deadline is March 3rd and winners are announced in June sometime.

Calling awareness to such an event and how this easily can handicap children whose parents have suddenly passed, Life Happens calls attention to an undeniable fact that people with children should take the time in getting a life policy in place to properly provide for their financial needs once there gone; and especially when it happens suddenly.

This is the responsible thing to do for every parent who does have children.

The simple scholarships that can be won from Life Happens calls attention to this family need. It’s an easy to apply scholarship program, and students can easily get going online and get started.

There are 28 unclaimed scholarships waiting to be awarded by Life Happens, and each one is very generous, the smallest one being $5,000.

We applaud Life Happens for their 4 star simple to apply scholarships. Whenever you have a scholarship sponsor who awards this many every year, it not only is commendable in itself; but it makes winning one much easier for those who apply, then if there were only one awarded each year.

Also making this for a simple scholarship to win, is that just those students who have lost a parent or guardian can only apply, thus reducing the applicant pool very significantly.

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