Sniffing Out Unclaimed Scholarships – Just follow the Money!

unclaimed scholarships

Sniffing Out Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed scholarships can be found with a little effort, or should I say the right kind of effort which will produce good results for you too.

You can sniff out some pretty easy scholarships in unconventional ways and I will show you how.

One of the best ways is to follow the money when looking for those hard to find scholarships.

Yep – that’s right!

Just follow the money!

But how do you follow the money when when your looking for it to begin with?


Well; just work backwards and you just may find easy to get scholarships.

Let me explain what I’m talking about. Consider the below headline which I recently ran across  (June 2015).

“Ab and Nancy Nicholas donate $50 million for UW-Madison Scholarships”

Ab Nicholas is a very wealthy businessman in Milwaukee Wisconsin who founded an investment firm and controls 2.7 billion in assets; so donating 50 million to a university to use for student scholarships is a very possible thing to do for this man. He didn’t have to do this; he just did it out of his heart because he is a generous human being who understands what students go through in paying for college.

It also is very noble of him to do and we hold him in the highest esteem when it comes to helping students achieve a higher education. We will be be forever grateful for his deed, as will the students who actually receive the monies from his donation.

You may never have heard of him (me either) and he’s not well known like Bill Gates, but rest assure he has made possible the impossible for students who need money to pay for their college.

Ab is married to Nancy Nicholas and as you heard the old saying in the past that behind every good man is a good wife. You can bet your money that Nancy was 100% supportive in this kind of deed, especially the amount given. She would have to be. So give her full credit as well as Ab on this. They are a team at this stage in life and both have their fingerprints on this truly wonderful financial donation to The University of Wisconsin.

Can you see how your unclaimed scholarships can possibly come from this? I’ll make this as clear as a bell on what you should do to increase your odds for those hard to get scholarships.


Can I make this any clearer?

I didn’t think so. I could end the article right here- but I will not. I’m going to break it down even further so there’s no misunderstandings.

Schools that receive donations for scholarships will only use it for scholarships ONLY! The reason they want to use up all of this donation as quickly as possible is to INCREASE ENROLLMENT. Increased enrollment means increased revenue coming back into the school in many various ways which help perpetuate the schools existence now and into the future, which is the goal of all higher education institutions.

Where does that leave you then?

Your chances of receiving this money have increased tenfold; that where. Your odds increased that the school will work up a SPECIAL type of award just for you; even though at other schools you may have received nothing. This is how it works folks and it works this way now and will continue working like this 100 years from now too.

*How do I know this to be true. I applied for my daughter at 5 universities. All the awards came back similar to one another, but one. That one gave her an institutional scholarship that covered all of her college cost. When I called the FinAids office to inquire to see if this was accurate, they told me it indeed was and the reason was that it was a good time to apply to the university because they just received a large donation from an anonymous wealthy individual and that they were instructed to use it up by year end – or lose the balance remaining (sounds like this wealthy  person  needed a tax deduction for the year).

So start looking for colleges & universities where they have recently received large donations to be used for student scholarships. These are the best type of unclaimed scholarships in existence right now because they are easy scholarships for you.

You must understand that all colleges are fighting for you to come to their schools. The competition is getting more and more fierce so the colleges easiest way in getting students is to AWARD THEM SCHOLARSHIPS. They will only do this IF they have the money to do so.

So work backwards and follow the money and apply to those schools with recent large donations from all those student loving rich people and you may be surprised at what you get.

Oh; and another thing; don’t be so concerned on the location of the college, or what college either because you will fit in eventually at any school you go to and have the best time of your life. I haven’t seen a big difference of the inside of a classroom or dorm – they pretty much look all the same.

The old saying goes just make the best of it and it will be great where ever you attend college. You are there to study and get good grades anyways. This will be the same thing at any university you attend.

Follow the money and you will get your hard to find easy unclaimed scholarships their!

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