Easy Scholarships from CompareCards.com

easy scholarships
Easy Scholarships from CompareCards.com

CompareCards.com offers educational easy scholarships to students who can answer a few questions correctly each and every month. Don’t let these awards be unclaimed scholarships which you could easily have won.

These easy scholarships are held each and every month too, so students can apply to them on a consistent basis which will increase your odds of winning.

You just have to answer their monthly tricky trivia question in which CompareCards.com will give several clues to try and figure out what the correct answer is.

Once you go to there webpage which offers the scholarship program you fill out a form and the questions will be listed there.

For instance; the clues to the easy scholarships question for this month (August 16, 2015 at 12:01 am Eastern Time and Tuesday, September 15, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern Time) are:

Scholarship question is – What is the sum of the following six numbers?

  1. Total number of inches in a mile.
  2. The year the Gettysburg Address was written.
  3. Total number of vowels in this line.
  4. Number of World Series won by the Toronto Blue Jays, divided by the number of World Series won by the New York Mets.
  5. Tax form number that reports self-employment earnings.
  6. Total number of gas elements on the periodic table of elements.

If you guess the right answer then you win $2,500 to any qualifying college or college bound student.

Again, this occurs each and every month so in a period of one year a student will have 12 chances to win an easy scholarship for college.

*It would be great if other scholarships worked this way because they are NOT time consuming whatsoever!

These are truly easy scholarships in every sense of the word for students looking for a quick turn around on submitting and winning.

Who is CompareCards.com and why are they a good thing for ALL students?

You must be wondering who is CompareCards.com and what are they all about?

They started in 2005 as a place you can go to to compare the multitudes of credit cards on the market today. They tout themselves as a leader in credit card resource websites.

They are always trying to improves there offerings to consumers in this vast credit card field; which can be daunting to say the least when looking for the card which will work best for you.

They will compare credit cards side by side so you can make the best financial decision on what factors are most important to you.

What’s nice is that CompareCards.com try’s to what is best for the consumer; and not themselves.

CompareCards.com is also very concerned about the future of financial education for children; in which they indicate that only $2.00 per child per year is spent on financial education in the the US.

By starting early financial education in life; CompareCards.com feels that children will be better equipped to make the best financial decisions for themselves –  which will have an impact on their futures.

CompareCards.com also has a student financial aid center on their website in which you can download free lessons on how to properly manage your financial affairs for children ages 6-18. Each lesson plan has:

  • Rich information about credit cards and credit scores
  • Glossary of terms for easy digestion of material
  • Quizzes following each section testing their knowledge
  • Visual aids for an enhanced learning experience

We feel this is a wonderful resource center because many children 6-18, and students alike, know very little when it comes to controlling cost in their personal life’s; or what to do about it when trouble starts.

Go to their website now (CompareCards.com educational scholarships), and each and every month to see if you can win one of their many unclaimed scholarships being given away on a regular basis by just answering their trivia question.

They could be simple scholarships to win!

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