Unclaimed Scholarships Easy to Get from Credit Unions

Easy Scholarships from credit unions
Unclaimed Scholarships Easy to Get from Credit Unions

Across the nation credit unions are offering thousands of dollars of possibly unclaimed scholarships for college to their members children in support of higher educational goals within their local communities.

They may be very easy scholarships to get too, because the applicant pool will be fairly small and NOT nationwide!

This should be researched and looked into if your family is a member of a credit union. If not, then now may be the time to open an account at one if someone in the family will be attending a college or university in the next few years.

CUNA stands for Credit Union National Association, and they have indicated that credit unions & state credit unions have given $300,000 in scholarships and grants to their members families to use for college.

Consider this:

  • $1,000 was given to (3) high school seniors at the (FCU) Federal Credit Uion in Abbeville, SC.
  • Four high school seniors were awarded $1,000 from the FCU in USSCO Johnstown Pa.
  • Three $4,500 Credit Union scholarships were awarded from the Kansas Credit Union Association to students for college.
  • Piedmont Advantage Credit Union located in Winston-Salem, N.C gave five $1,000 academic scholarships to HS seniors going to college.
  • 11 scholarships worth $5,000 each awared by the American Airlines Federal Credit Union in Fort Worth, Texas. Only 400 applications were submitted.
  • Navigant Credit Union in Smithfield, R.I gave out 100 CU scholarships each worth $1,000.
  • Five $1,000 awards were disbursed by Ascentra Credit Union located in Bettendorf, Iowa.

The list goes on and the above is just a sample of some of the scholarships given out by Federal Credit Unions.

Credit Union One of Michigan with 20 branches spread out in Michigan may have easy scholarships to apply to. It’s called the ‘Credit Union ONE William G. Coyne Memorial Scholarship Program‘. To be eligible to apply, students must fit into the below criteria.

  • 30 hours of community service as a Junior & senior in high school.
  • Must enroll in a 2 or 4 year college/university/trade/vocational for the fall semester.
  • Minimum 3.00 GPA.
    Member of a family belonging to Credit Union One – 6 mo.’s or longer.
  • Be a graduating Senior in HS.
  • Employees of CU One & family members are INELIGIBLE TO APPLY.
  • Eight $1,000 CU scholarships will be given away and applications must be in by April 1st.
  • You can call (800) 451-4292, Ext 5228 for questions on applying.

Michigan Schools & Government Credit Union, located in Clinton Township MI, offers more then $100,000 in scholarships. They offer (4) scholarship categories which you could fall into, as well as two specific ones. The application period runs from January 19th-March 2nd every year.  Go to MSGCU Scholarships to apply now.

Christian Community Credit Union in San Dimas, CA offers their Scholarships for Success program and they dole out $50,000 in easy scholarships. To qualify; you must become a member of their Credit Union, going to a college, university or a seminary coming up, and take 12 credits if your an undergraduate, 6 units for graduate students. Other criteria exist and you can easily see them on the frequently asked questions section about their scholarship program.

You can apply for becoming a member, and the scholarship at the same time too! March 31st is the scholarship deadline.

The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union, established in 1976 and located in Brooklyn, NY with 6 branches there, New Jersey with 5 branches, Illinois with 4 branches, and Florida with 3 locations; offers three different types of CU scholarships. The Scholarship Program for College-Bound High School Students, Scholarship Program for Undergraduate & Graduate Students, and PSFCU Rising Star Scholarship. If you go to their website there is not much in explaining about their programs; but with many locations and three student aid programs, we assume they may be pretty good. You can go to Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union Scholarship program to contact them via their contact webpage to inquire into more about it.

WESTconsin Credit Union has 14 locations in Wisconsin offers (12) $1,000 credit union scholarships yearly and done so over the last 20 years. Similar criteria exist as the others above with awards being given to graduating high school seniors; but they must attend college in a community where WESTconsin Credit Union has a location. You can apply up to the February 14th deadline, winners announced May each year. For more go to WESTconsin Credit Union Scholarship Program.

As you can see Credit Unions are a gushing well of potential unclaimed scholarships that are easier to get then the norm because of the smaller applicant pool of students applying.

Credit Unions are all over the place as well!

Just become a member and students will be eligible to apply to them. The awards are generous too and worth taking the time to apply.

They are easy scholarships to apply to with most taking student applications right online.

Students still in high school encourage your Moms and Dads to open an account, or students may as well along with their parents. See what the CU scholarship guidelines state for this!!!

These could be those true unclaimed scholarships for college that most students search for on the internet that we likely pass by in a car daily!

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