Unclaimed Scholarships made Easier

Unclaimed Scholarships

Unclaimed Scholarships made Easier

Sometimes unclaimed scholarships are made easier to get by just applying to them.

Yes, many times students bypass very easy scholarships they could have won, if they just applied.

The reason is they think the competition is too stiff, and that too many students will apply; so they move on looking for others.

Don’t think too much, and just start applying to those you immediately feel you could win!

Yes, that’s how you get your easy unclaimed scholarships!

Below are many kinds of easier student awards students may want to apply to.

Why are they easier scholarships?

They won’t take up too much of your time applying to them.

SOY Unclaimed Scholarships

Interested in agriculture?

The American Soybean Association (ASA) serves farmers by looking after and & expanding the market value and opportunities for soybean farmers. Their mission is to have a prosperous soybean industry so they can sufficiently meet the needs of their market.

They offer a $5,000 scholarship for high school seniors who will be pursuing an AG field of study at a university. It’s called the Secure Optimal Yield (SOY) Scholarship. You must have at least a 3.0 GPA, write a 500 word essay about agriculture.

American Bullion Scholarships Program made Easy

Five $500.00 college scholarships are awarded yearly to students presently attending college. Those who wish to apply must do so by filling out the online application AND writing a 500-1000 word essay about this question:

“Why should you trust gold to protect your retirement?”

American Bullion wants to improve peoples outlook and knowledge of tangible assets. They a dependable forerunner in including precious metals to individual IRA accounts for people.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal Semiannual Scholarships

As the name implies NLTR has their merit based awards twice each year for students with a field of study in engineering, medicine, applied or natural science or nursing.

$1,000 is awarded semi-annually to those applicants who are US citizens, a minimum of 3.0 GPA and plan on being fully enrolled at a college in the fall. Applicants can easily apply online by must write a 200-400 word essay which highlights your point of view of society’s impact of laser tattoo removal while using NLTR  Tattoo Removable Guide as a reference.

New Look Laser Tattoo Removal is based in Houston and they perform more tattoo removal transactions in the the state of Texas. This is all they do; and they are good at it, being voted no. 1 by the Houston Press! They are affordable to boot, giving free consultations.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Scholarship

This $500 easier to win scholarship is offered to part time as well as full time students. This is a pumpkin carving contest where you can really use your wild imagination on carving out a pumpkin for submission; which progression photos must be provided of YOU carving the pumpkin.

If your artistic then this may be the scholarship program for you, or if you have always been good at these sort of things.

Wholesale Halloween Costumes is an online Halloween costume selling provider which sells thousands of costumes online, to be worn on Halloween.

Amazon Student Scholarships Unclaimed!

Amazon’s scholarship program may top our list of easy scholarships which many students may not apply to simply because they feel they don’t have a chance at winning – but this is far from the truth.

True – it is merit based and applicants are judged based on GPA, leadership experience and community service as well; semi-finalist will be required to also turn in an essay to move to the final round.

This award is not for everyone, but if you do have the above requirements take the time to apply. They are simple scholarships to apply to online.

FIFTY unclaimed scholarships of $5,000 each along with $500 for books are handed out by Amazon which makes this award easier to get then others simply because of the high number of scholarships involved here.

Amazon has a whole program just for students only which benefit them in so many ways that to just join up for this is well worth it even if you do not win anything. Their student program can save students in shipping and discounts for years to come while attending school for the next four five or 10 years – whatever it takes to complete the program you will be striving for.

Its called : “Amazon Student”

Unclaimed scholarships are those student awards which students just don’t take the time to apply to – but could of won!

Many times they are the easier scholarships to win.

The number one factor that holds back students from winning scholarships is that they apply to a couple and don’t win; so they throw in the towel in applying to other student awards they could of easily won.

Winning Scholarships is an odds and numbers game as well as an endurance game. Your odds keep on going up the more you apply to them; so don’t stop until you won an award.

Apply to the easier scholarships first –  to win your unclaimed scholarships.

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