Uncovering more Unclaimed Scholarships from Unlikely Places

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Uncovering more Unclaimed Scholarships from Unlikely Places

Unclaimed scholarships are found in unlikely places that are easy to overlook. They are easier scholarships to get then most others because of the places they are coming from which use a less conventional way of evaluating the winners.

Consider the Community Foundation of St. Clare County which over-sees 32 scholarship programs and has given various students over $180,000 in scholarship money so far in 2016 to 86 students heading off to college. These are unclaimed scholarships because they are overlooked by many students looking for student financial aid to help pay for some of their college.

The CFSCC does not appear to be a place to look for scholarships & grants; but they have them! Many counties across the country have the same thing too in all areas. So, if you are reading this, start checking for Community Foundations close to you so you can apply to their unclaimed scholarships & grants.

Applications for this award open up yearly on January 1st through March. You can go to the Community Foundation of St. Clare County scholarships to see more details about it.

The Arlington Community Foundation is another example which has given out 4 million in scholarship funds to 900 some students over the last 19 years. In 2016 they gave (78) awards worth $473,700 ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 so students can attend colleges & universities and trade schools.

They are easy scholarships to get!

Federal Credit Unions are another great opportunity for students to look for unclaimed scholarships. Credit Union scholarships can be easier then most to win, because of their unconventional way of awarding college money. Many have essays students will be required to turn in about subjects the Credit Union chooses.

Evaluating essays is subjective at best; so there’s really no right or wrong answers, and students can be selected almost at random based on how the reader feels about your essay.

As an example; Redstone Federal Credit Union in Huntsville, Alabama awarded 14 students $65,000 in scholarship college money. All of the 14 winners will be attending various colleges and universities across the country too.

Again, those who are reading this should contact your local credit unions to inquire about awards for college students. If you or your parents are members then see if your credit union has student financial aid awards so you can apply to them. They can be the easiest scholarship you ever got.

Also; look into the bank you are banking with because many banks are notorious for having unheard about awards for students. Just call your bank and ask them if they have scholarships for college students.

Have you heard of Winning Writers?

Winning Writers; in their own words – “finds and creates quality resources for poets & writers”. They sponsor (4) annual contest; BUT if you sign up for their monthly newsletter you will receive monthly information about the BEST FREE literary contest & resources.

We signed up for their newsletter and there is no spam whatsoever from other places coming to our email box. They really do just send you information on free contest that anyone can summit their literary works to them at a chance to win a monetary award.

They will list the contest & services to avoid too. In other words those you should not waste your time applying to them. Their website is simple & easy to navigate and with no frills; which is refreshing today, with so many websites being so complicated when trying to navigate through.

Winning Writers indicates they will notify you of 200 plus literary contest with all their details so you can easily decide if you want to apply or not.

Have you heard of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan? In their own website words they describe themselves as “an independent, autonomous, and constitutionally established institution of primary funding, overseeing, regulating, and accrediting the higher education efforts in Pakistan”. They offer unclaimed scholarships & grants on their website students can apply to.

The HECP has National & International scholarships along with Fellowship programs, Learning abroad Connections and Financial Grants & Support too.

APSIA has many unclaimed college scholarships for students. The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs helps graduate students find student financial aid. There are 53 little known scholarships students can apply to.

They have it laid out nicely when searching for scholarship programs. You can choose from drop down boxes what area of study, citizenship, graduate/undergraduate; and program (graduate, doctoral, research or work/experience) when searching.

There are lots of unclaimed college scholarships at this website!

See for yourself at: APSIA scholarships for college.

The American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) offers a bunch of unclaimed scholarships for college to architecture students. The AIAS provides support in many ways to architecture students and this is just another way to help. You can join as a member to receive notifications of all they do so you can be on the cutting edge of the latest happening in this fascinating field of study. Go to AIAS scholarships for college.

Backstage is provides career advice & finds jobs for actors and performers alike. They been doing this for 50 years too. They are the biggest online casting platform in the US. They post over 4,000 roles weekly.

Backstage has 9 unclaimed scholarships that can be applied to in helping pay college cost. It’s not for everyone, but worth looking into if you are looking into this field.

Read more at Backstage scholarships for college.

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