Uncommon Unclaimed Scholarships are the Easiest to Win

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Uncommon Unclaimed Scholarships are the Easiest to Win

Unclaimed college scholarships are pretty much all over, and easy scholarships to get once you find one in which you match up to. They are the easiest to win simply because they will have a less of a applicant pool applying to them because they can be specific in nature & criteria.

This can be good, and not so good depending how you look at it.

Students have to follow the money that’s all. Below are some we found worth looking into.

If you match up to it fairly well –  apply to it!

Evolving Earth Foundation Unclaimed College Scholarships

This unclaimed scholarship is unique, and can be an easy award to win if you are a right fit. They are grants awarded to help support student research; particularly in the earth sciences. Students must be doing research on topics that are in harmony with the priorities & mission of the Foundation. Students are well advised to read what those are before applying.

There will be ten unclaimed grants each and every year up to $3,000 each!

Graduate, as well as undergraduate & post doctoral researchers can apply; and students must be attending accredited US colleges to apply.

Research institutions can also apply too!

Go to evolving earth college scholarships and grants unclaimed for research students.

The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) Unclaimed College Scholarships

The NASP has easy scholarships to apply to and win. The NASP is a professional association made up of psychologist, and other related experts as well as graduate students across the US and over 25 other countries. In fact; it is the biggest grouping of school psychologists in the whole world.

NASP’s goals are to promote practices bettering student’s learning, behavior and mental health so as to see all children everywhere prosper at home, school, and personally for the rest of their life .

NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program

NASP scholarships are an indication which is consistent with their mission and goals, and they have lots of various awards to support this theme. Their first unclaimed college scholarship is the The NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program which was created in 1995. It’s purpose is in offering solid support to graduate student training of minority students who are in pursuance of school psychology. The NASP unclaimed college scholarships are worth up to $5,000 each.

Graduate Student Research Grants may be Unclaimed

Three $1,000 stipends are doled out yearly to students who display the ability to start their own research projects. They must demonstrate outstanding skill conducting first-rate research fostering the mission & goals of the NASP. NASP judges will be looking to see if the particular research will have a long lasting impact in the NASP field.

NASP members who are doctoral or non doctoral are eligible to apply. September 15th is deadline.

(SMART) Scholarship for Service Program Easy to Apply & Win

These unclaimed college scholarships keep on popping up and this one is a must look! The Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship for Service Program was created by the Department of Defence (DoD). It is solely designed to help undergrads as well as graduate students who are concentrating in the STEM filed of study. The goal is to build up the numbers of civilian scientist & engineers working directly at DoD laboratories.

These unclaimed college scholarships are worth up to $25,000, and goes as high as $38,000 per year. In fact; it can be higher IF the winner of the award has tuition which is higher. Needless to say winners must work for the DoD for a period of time after graduation; but well worth it.

Iowa Pork Foundation Scholarship Application (For Incoming College Freshman)

You must be a Iowa resident to apply, with a 2.5 GPA majoring in Agriculture with an emphasis on the swine industry. This unclaimed college scholarship is worth $1,500 and must be submitted by April 1st. Go to Iowa Pork Foundation Scholarship to read more.

Unclaimed Scholarships for Tier 2 -3 Sports

There is lots of scholarships awarded to athletes who play football or basketball.

But, what about the minor, or little-known sports?

Surfers can get a $1,000 award from the Buddy Pelletier Surfing Foundation. Also; the ISA Unclaimed scholarship program gives away $1,000 for those who can demonstrate financial need.

The Alabama Horse Council offers two $1,000 easy college scholarships to those who want to study the in the equine field.

The Playing With Purpose College Scholarship given by SportQuest gives out Christian student-athletes easier scholarships for their field of study – whatever that may be. Four $2,000 awards are handed out; along with (20) $75-300 amounts.

The USBC Chuck Hall Star of Tomorrow easy scholarship is for outstanding bowlers and is worth $6,000. Also; the The Billy Welu Bowling Scholarship offered from the Professional Bowlers Association is for 2.5 GPA students, and June 15th is deadline.

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Scholarships going Unclaimed

The American Culinary Federation Education Foundation along with the American Academy of Chefs (AAC) gives away TEN $2,500 for college or high school students, majoring in Culinary looking to attend American schools. Professional chiefs looking for more education can also apply.

These awards are need based and they may be easier to get because of this.

To apply go to: The ACFEF Scholarships.

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