A Whopper of a Burger King Scholarship Program

burgerking scholarship burger king scholarship program and application

What do burgers and education have in common?

The Burger King Scholarship program is dedicated to the memory of James McLamore, co-founder of the Burger King restaurant chain.


By the end of the 2007 award year, this foundation will have awarded more than 10.5 million dollars to eligible students of burger king scholarships. This scholarship never goes unclaimed.


This is not what you normally think about Burger King. It may be a greasy spoon to many with fries/burgers/shakes high in fat and salt; but they do have a top notch scholarship program at burger king. It may well be worth looking into a 2008 burger king scholarship because qualifications aren’t to restrictive, or impossible at all.


I would advise anyone looking for monies to cover some of their college cost to take the time to fill out a burger king scholarship application. It may be time well spent. After all you may feel better about eating at burger king if you land a bk scholarship. You will helping your own educational cause.


Most people do not realize that this fast food chain is taking steps to reduce the trans fats in their foods. This is indeed a move in the right direction and for the better. Trans fats do kill by clogging peoples arteries. It’s nice to see that they are providing people with a very nice educational award!

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