Nothing Weird or Wacky about the Toyota Scholarship Program

Nothing Weird or Wacky about the Toyota Scholarship ProgramABOUT THE AWARD
A Toyota scholarship program, which is sponsored by Toyota, who is a world leader in the automobile industry, represents the support this company provides to various individuals to accomplish their dreams.  This support is to ensure that students achieve success through a healthy education –a basic necessity for all, and mainly for minority and disadvantage students. The company provides a wide range of Toyota scholarships which covers various education areas. When you hear about all the weird & wacky scholarships today, Toyota scholarships are straight up solid and fair for all, offering programs across the board. Their scholarships are tops when it comes to scholarship programs today.

Toyota believes in supporting existing scholarship programs (rather than direct sponsorship of individuals). This basically means that they contribute monies to organizations specifically for the use of providing scholarships for deserving candidates. In other words, Toyota helps fund their scholarship programs. They have five Toyota scholarship programs of which the details are below.

Toyota Community Scholarship
The Toyota Community Scholarship program is impressive in the dollar amount awarded to each student & the number of Toyota scholarships awarded under this program. This award is to recognize the high school students for their academic merit, leadership role and the commitment to community service. 100 such students nationwide are chosen for this award with Toyota scholarship amounts in between $ 10,000 to $20,000 spread over four years. Toyota awarded $1.12 million in 2007 to recognize brilliance of high school seniors by the means of this award. (These numbers are far from being a wacky scholarship.)
The nomination forms are sent to high schools in October, the deadline date is December 1st, and the student would have to be a high school senior, have a 3.0 or higher GPA and be in the top 10% in their class. For more information please contact below.

Educational Testing Service
P. O. Box 6730
Princeton, NJ 08541
(609) 771-7878

Toyota AIKCU Named Scholars Program
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Co, Kentucky supports AIKCU – Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities – since 1986 and sponsors one student from each 20 independent college and university campuses across the state of Kentucky. The selection criteria are based on the merit, leadership capabilities, active participation in community services, future goals and other skill sets. Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors and/or college students for one year only and are non-renewable. For more information please visit Toyota AIKCU Named Scholars Program.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation
Since 2004 Toyota started supporting the MCSF by providing award of $5,000 each to students, belonging to Marine family, in all of the 12 Toyota’s operational regions across the US. The commitment from Toyota is to have funding of $1.25 million every year and have increased this to $1.65 million in 2006. This scholarship is to assist the students from marine family – as the MCSF tag line specifies “Honoring Marines by Educating their Children”.
For details visit Toyota Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.
Youth for Understanding Scholarship (YFU)
YFU is a non-profit student exchange organization and provides an opportunity to young people to spend time abroad, in foreign country, with a host family and understand the culture of the country. Since 1975, Toyota Motor Sales, USA has awarded more than 500 scholarships to various students visit worldwide locations during summers. This program is open only for US citizens with excellent academic records, financial need and specific age criteria.
For more details go to Toyota YFU scholarship program.

National FFA Scholarship
FFA – Future Farmers of America, works towards the mission to promote agricultural education and develop students as future leaders. It aims at providing opportunities to the students to grow and achieve success through the means of agriculture. Toyota has been affiliated with FFA for more than a decade to provide 10 National FFA scholarships each year is selected states. (Nothing weird about this scholarship program) For more details go to Toyota National FFA Scholarship.

Toyota believes in “making a difference” and improvement in the quality of life and is committed to providing this through various community services – one such important source is the “Toyota Scholarships” for higher education. Finally, Toyota as a responsible corporate entity is dedicated to supporting various programs to develop the future of the United States and “moving forward” way of thinking. These are not wacky & weird scholarships, but scholarships which will make a difference for many students today.

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  1. Al

    I have been very impressed by Toyota’s product line but the Scholarship the company offers are limited to who can apply to it. I say if a company really wanted to assist in a child education, have a scholarship that don’t have clauses, exceptions and limitations to who can apply. A program that allows all high school senior students apply would open up more opporutunties to those that really deserve such scholarships.

  2. admin


    I agree with you. All scholarships should be open to any student who will be attending college to be used solely on their tuition!

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