Unique NPPF Photography Scholarships for Photographers

Unique NPPF Photography Scholarship for PhotographersABOUT THE AWARD
The National Press Photographers Foundation (NPPF) Photography Scholarship is awarded by the NPPF to the press photography students to assist them in the study of photojournalism & associated subjects. These unique scholarships for photography are for those talented scholars who are committed to photojournalism and need financial assistance to pursue higher education. There are a number of unique NPPF college photography scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students.

The NPPF was founded in 1976 & is a non-profit organization & is associated with the National Press Photographers Association. The association was started in 1946 and is committed to promotion of news media including visual journalism & creation, practice, training, editing and distribution of the same. The awards are provided by the foundation to the students planning to attend college full-time or the already enrolled full-time students.

There are various programs under the NPPF Photographer Scholarships as below.

• Bob Baxter Scholarship
• Reid Blackburn Scholarship
• College Photographer of the Year
• Bob East Scholarship
• Kit C. King Graduate Scholarship Fund
• Still Photographer Scholarship
• Paul Threfall Professional Education Award
• Television News Scholarship
• Alexia foundation grant & scholarship

Each of the above scholarships for photography has their own set of specific selection criteria. The general criteria for all the photography scholarships are as follows.

• Applicant should be enrolled full time in a four year college or university course.
• Suspended study re-joining is also acceptable.
• Evidence of dedication for photojournalism needs to be provided.
• Showcase the need for financial help.
• Excellent GPA.
• Various material information of the applicant needs to be accompanied with the application form including portfolio, photographs & letters of recommendation.
• Funds provided should be utilized in the beginning of the next semester else it is forfeited.
• Students can apply for more than one college photography scholarship but can receive only one unique scholarship for photography in one given year.
• Portfolio of the application is a must

The deadline for all the photography scholarship applications is March 1st. The application needs to be received by the respective committee for evaluation – mandatory.

NPPF believes in providing opportunities for the various to-be-photojournalists to achieve success in the field of print media & related studies. The distance between the various countries and communities is “decreasing” due to the advanced communication media and this needs to be explored more. The NPPF unique scholarships for photography students are one such medium to help the students open the door towards latest & advanced technology. Adaption of advanced technology requires more learning and this is directly possible through the awards & programs sponsored by the organization.

To inquire more about these photography scholarships you can contact the “Scholarship Coordinator” at:
William Sanders
Asheville Citizen-Times
P.O. Box 2090
Asheville, NC 28801
Phone – 828/232-5842
Phone – 800/800-4204 x5842
Email – wsanders@citizen-times.com

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