Unclaimed College Scholarships are Unusual, Weird, Strange and Wacky

Unclaimed Scholarships go Unclaimed for College

Each year, thousands of dollars in unclaimed scholarship money never reach the people who it was set aside for.

Unclaimed Scholarship Money Available to Everyone!

Unclaimed scholarships are unknown

Are you a student?

Do you worry about how you might pay for your educational expenses such as tuition, books and living expenses?

Do you have to work and attend school to make ends meet?

If so, read on!

Each year, thousands of dollars in unclaimed scholarships never reach the people who it was set aside for.   
 Students throughout the nation often assume that there is no grant or scholarship money available to them, but in this case, they are wrong. Often there are many scholarships that are either hard to find or off the beaten path which students sometimes cannot find in a normal scholarship search or simply never thought could exist.


Free Unclaime Scholarship monies for College

You too can get free scholarship money for having less than popular interests or family roots that are unique and different. This money is more often than not never found and thus unclaimed scholarship money is left over every year while students everywhere continue to try to balance school and work in order to finance their educational career.

Did you know that the act of being born entitles you for many of the unclaimed scholarship money each year?

Scholarships for sons and daughters of military

There are tons of unknown scholarships out there for daughters and sons of various backgrounds, such as daughters of US Navy Submariners, children of military parents or even kids whose parents worked in one particular field or another.

Unclaimed heritage scholarships
Descendants of certain heritages, pretty much all of them, are also eligible for scholarships that are usually left unclaimed each year.
Because there are so many different nationalities throughout the world, there are just as many scholarship offers out there. Any ethnic group offers some kind of scholarship offer to members of that group. Usually this money ends up as yet another unclaimed scholarship.

Hobby scholarships go Unclaimed

Interests in certain hobbies also provide ways into unclaimed scholarship money each year. The possibilities here are nearly endless and a student who enjoys model building, HAM radio operation, bird watching, gardening or even basket weaving can also enjoy the benefits of free money to pay for college.

Economic scholarships go unclaimed.

Regardless of economic status and family background, students everywhere can take advantage of these various opportunities. This free money could go either to pay for their choice in education or remain part of the thousands of dollars in unclaimed scholarships that pass students by each year.

Unknown scholarship money

The sad thing is, this money usually becomes the latter rather than go to an eligible student. In the end, there is thousands of dollars available for students of every background and heritage. This money is often not claimed and remains part of the unclaimed scholarship statistic.

Claim your free money for college

It is not impossible to get this free money for college, but it is up to students to claim it. In this manner, it is entirely possible to use the thousands of dollars in unclaimed scholarships available yearly in order to finance an entire stint in college, allowing students to concentrate more on school and academics and less on debt and finances.

Read more on How to Find a Student Loan Scholarship.

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  1. mallory cotton says:

    I am looking for a scholarship to complete my last semester in college to complete my RN. I have been working in the hospital to help with expenses but because of clinicals and my class schedule, I won’t be able to work. Any consideration would be wonderful.

  2. admin says:


    go to this list of nursing scholarships to read more. Student loans with no cosigner needed is a great last resort.

  3. Mikias Mulugeta says:

    my name is Mikias Mulugeta, i am from Ethiopia. I am so talented in atlethics,acting, script writing, essay writing, swiming, website designing, photography and video documentry. So please try to find me a free scholarship.

    Thank you very much

  4. admin says:


    you should look into bursaries for students.

  5. Douglas McGuffee says:

    My name is Douglas McGuffee. I am a retired Army veteran of 22 years of active duty service. For the past four years I’ve been working as a welder/mechanic in the oil field industry. I receive 30% VA disibility. Currently I am attending Tyler Junior College,TX, and plan to transfer to SFA next spring to begin my environmental science quest. Thank you.

  6. admin says:


    read about veterans and military scholarships. You must apply to any scholarship first to see if you qualify for it.

  7. Ryan says:

    Looking for a scholarship to help pay for traveling to conferences while in medical school. Anything available?

  8. admin says:


    not away of any travel scholarships for what you are looking for.

  9. Kisonga Geofrey says:

    How can I get access to Unclaimed scholarship

  10. admin says:

    Kisonga Geofrey,

    you must go directly to the scholarship sponsors website to apply to any award which we write about on our website to apply.

  11. Kasi says:

    Any ideas of scholarships for a biological research major in her second year of college??

  12. admin says:


    any science based scholarship is what you can look for and apply to.

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