A College Spring Break is not an Unclaimed Scholarship

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Unclaimed scholarship and a college student spring break
A college spring break is most certainly not an unclaimed scholarship, but we know that most college students go or think about going on one when the easter time rolls around every year. The only thing that an unclaimed scholarship and a college student spring break have in common is that a college student desires to get both of these. The college spring break vacations always have to be paid for and an unclaimed college scholarship the student has a very good chance of getting one if they are persistent enough in looking into all their options. This is key in finding a student scholarship.

Lets’ get back to the college student spring break and all the parties they will be going to. Well hopefully anyways!
One fun and eventful occasion that college students across the United States look forward to like no other is the college spring break. When  the sun finally appears after three months of wintery cold weather and all the heavy clothing we put on everyday for work; the college boy and girl gets this spring break twinkle in their eyes.  Nope, it’s not summer time just yet but college spring break vacations will be on the minds of all students. Ideas for this week of R&R fill the air as we speak. Countless students are booking hotel rooms by the beach and figuring out who they’re catching a ride with. There’s no doubt that this is one occasion designed for young adults.

Are all spring break stories true or drunken wishes?
While I’ve heard plenty of college spring break stories that almost sound too good to be true, I’ve listened to a few doosies as well. This reminds me of how dangerous college spring break can be if not approached in the right manner. So, what I’m saying is; there are some basic rules that every college kid should know in order to survive their spring break getaway.

Number one:
travel in your own vehicle or with friends you truly trust. I’m talking about the friends that care about you more than their social life for a night. Although they’re few and far between, they do indeed exist.

Number two:
never invite people you don’t know back to your room. This is a terrible idea. You could possibly be getting into a mess you can’t even fathom. Plus, it’s dangerous!

Number three:
avoid getting drunk and wasted out in public. If you are the legal age to drink, then do so responsibly. You never know who might take advantage of your situation when plastered out in public. You could get raped, mugged, or even worse. I realize college spring break is supposed to be a time to cut loose, but it’s up to you to be responsible and safe at the same time.

College Spring break and beaches
People always head for the beaches on college spring break. I suppose there’s just something about the warm sand between your toes and the ocean waves crashing against the shore. It’s definitely a beautiful place to kick-back and forget about the chaos of school. Just be certain you know the local laws/rules before starting and beach bonfires or beer fests.

Great spring break vacation memories
I would say if you follow some of the above suggestions you will be fine and your college spring break bash will turn out just the way you want it. Which is a lot of clean fun and great college spring break memories.

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