No Walmart Scholarships should go Unclaimed

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Planning on going to college?

If you are, don’t let a Walmart scholarship go unclaimed because they are one of the best out there!

Introduced in 1979, the Sam Walton Community Scholarship has been helping students to attend college for more than 25 years. This store scholarship is available to the public. Three other types of scholarships are also awarded through the Walmart Scholarship Foundation. They are offered to store employees or their dependents.

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Each Wal-mart store is permitted to give two graduating high school seniors $1,000 each. The same scholarship, with identical criteria, sometimes also called the Sams Club Scholarship, is offered by each Sam’s Club store as well. Those who have graduated from public, private or home schooling, or have received their General Educational Development certificate (G.E.D.) are eligible to apply. Candidates should be full-time students enrolled in college, and have taken the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) or ACT, and maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA). In addition, these individuals must not be employed by, or be dependents of, persons employed by the corporation or its board of directors.

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Walmart Store employees and their dependents are eligible for three different types of scholarship awards. First, the Walton Family Foundation Scholarship is a single award of $10,000 that is paid to students over four years of college. Parents or legal guardians must have been employed by the corporation for at least one year to qualify for this unique scholarship, and students must provide SAT scores of at least 1030 or ACT scores of at least 22 to qualify. In order to remain eligible, students must attend college full-time throughout the four years to remain eligible for the scholarship.

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Another award, the Walmart Associate Scholarship is given to students who have been store employees for at least six months prior to the award. Alternatively, this unique grant may be awarded to students who are dependents of Wal-mart employees not qualified for the Walton Family Foundation scholarships. This scholarship is a nonrenewable amount of $2,000, given to students who will receive high school or home school diplomas or GEDs, and are planning to attend college on a full-time basis. Minimum SAT and ACT results are required for application.

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Finally, the Higher Reach Scholarship, which is a renewable amount of up to $2,000 each year, is available to students graduating from school or receiving their GEDs who are attending school on at least a part-time basis. These students must be employed by Wal-mart Corporation and have received a satisfactory performance rating on their last job evaluation.

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Wal-mart has also contributed significantly to minority scholarships by endowing the Hispanic Scholarship Fund with yearly awards of $2,500. These awards are offered to Hispanic students who maintain a 3.0 GPA, and are permanent residents or citizens of the United States, and have applied for federal financial aid.

walmart scholarship and sam walton foundation

Each of these unusual scholarships is awarded on a yearly basis. These scholarship programs have been offered for nearly 30 years to ordinary students in every community where a Wal-mart store is operated. Don’t fail to take advantage of this excellent educational opportunity by allowing these scholarships to go unclaimed!

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    No scholarship should go unwanted especially when it’s used for a purposeful reason; to have a better future by attending college!

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