I’m lovin’ it if Macdonalds Scholarships remain Unclaimed

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You will be belovin’ it if some of these Mcdonald’s scholarships are left unclaimed. Read this and find out whether you are eligible for one of these unusual sometimes unclaimed McDonald’s Scholarship awards!

Are you interested in going to college, but not sure where you are going to get the money?

McDonald’s corporation has made a significant commitment to offering scholarships for a considerable number of students each year. The company offers financial aid to employees, as well as to other individuals throughout communities nationwide.

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At least eight types of Mcdonald’s scholarships are available. The first of these, the Benjamin Criss Memorial Scholarship, is offered only to current and previous employees of the McDonald’s store in Wexford, Pennsylvania. One scholarship with a maximum award of $700 is awarded to students each year.

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Another specific Mcdonald’s scholarship program for students of Jacksonville State University is the Ray A. Kroc McDonald’s Scholarship. This fast food scholarship is offered to employees enrolled at the university who have demonstrated the ability to achieve academically.

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Similarly, another of McDonald’s scholarships is offered only to Cleveland, Ohio students who are attending schools recognized by the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). This financial scholarship is available to students with financial need who are able to maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average (GPA).

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Likewise, Allegany College of Maryland students can apply for McDonalds scholarships as well. These students must be employees at certain McDonald’s restaurants and declare permanent residence in the states of West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or the District of Columbia. The number of scholarships awarded each year varies, and the maximum amount of money offered to each student is $500.

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Terhune, Indiana McDonald’s employees can also apply for a company scholarship if they live in either Madison or Delaware County, Indiana, and work for the restaurant. Five awards for $1,000 each are awarded annually to undergraduate students.

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The McDonalds Foundation has also teamed up with two major organizations designed to increase unusual educational opportunities for minorities students. The foundation has dedicated a significant amount of money to the UNCF to assist African-American students to pay for college tuition expenses. These Macdonalds tuition scholarships are renewable annually, and offer awards of $3,000 to qualifying students who maintain a GPA of at least 2.5. These students must attend a college or university that is a member of the UNCF.

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Another scholarship offered through Ronald McDonalds House Charities is offered to Hispanic students who live in an area that offers limited educational or career opportunities locally. The Ronald McDonald scholarship has (4) different House Charities scholarships and can be applied to online.

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Students who qualify for this scholarship have at least one parent of Hispanic descent, are graduating high school students, and are legal residents of the United States. These nonrenewable awards are available for $1,000 each. Alternatively, four Hispanic students may have the unique opportunity to obtain a yearly $25,000 McDonalds scholarship, issued as a joint effort with the McDonald’s Hispanic Operators Association (MHOA). Many awards last year went unclaimed because Hispanic students were unaware of them.

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Take advantage of these and other Mcdonalds college scholarship opportunities now! Don’t let your chance of a college education go to waste because these scholarships remain unclaimed. Start searching now for a Mcdonalds scholarship application .

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