Don’t Let these Poetry Scholarships go Unclaimed!

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If any of the below describe you, winning poetry scholarships may be much easier than you could ever have dreamed possible! That being said, you should not leave these somewhat unknown scholarships for poetry become one of those unclaimed scholarships.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning and a poetry scholarship

Did your parents and teachers always complain that your imagination was too vivid? Do you prefer song lyrics to simple prose? Do you find Elizabeth Barrett Browning more interesting than LeBron James? If any of these describe you, winning poetry scholarships may be much easier than you could ever have dreamed possible!

is there any scholarships out there for poetry writing

The Live Poets Society of New Jersey hosts one of these unusual scholarships programs. This poetry scholarship contest is open to every high school student in the United States who desires to try writing poetry. Students are not expected to write Shakespearean sonnets, either: The maximum length of each sample of poetry literature submitted is 20 lines. One student will be designated as “Poet of the Year,” and receive a $1,000 scholarship. The first prizewinner will be awarded $500. Each of the four second-place winners will receive $250, and the six third-place winners will receive $100 each. All winners must permit their poems to be published.

poetry scholarship search

Another popular poetry competition that offers poetry scholarships for students is the Writers’ Conference and Centers (WC &C). Competition scholarships of $500 each are awarded to two students who submit up to ten poems. These scholarships are awarded for writing workshops offered by different colleges and universities during the summer.

college poetry scholarship

Although these unique scholarships do not directly finance the student’s college education, they allow students to make contact with writing experts and further explore their interests. Students who demonstrate interest in the university at which the conference is held may have a better chance at receiving literary scholarships from that institution.

free poetry scholarships and Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Fund

The Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Fund also provides poetry-writing scholarships to authors under 40 who submit excellent lyrical poetry commemorating the spirit of life. The amount of these award monies ranges from $1,000 to $25,000. Aspiring authors may submit only poems that have not previously been accepted for publication; however, young authors who have successfully published are permitted to enter the competition.

poetry foundation and poetry scholarships

Not surprisingly, the Poetry Foundation also offers two poerty scholarships to five budding poets who are between the ages of 21 and 31. These poetry awards consist of $15,000 in scholarship money, and are designated as Ruth Lily Poetry Fellowships in honor of the extraordinary philanthropist, Ruth Lily, by whom they were created. Only one to two poetry scholarships have been awarded each year since the establishment of the scholarship in 1989; the others have been unclaimed.

Emily Dickinson Award and poetry scholarships

Other poetry prizes offered by the foundation include the Emily Dickinson Award, the Mark Twain Poetry Award, and the Verse Drama Prize. Although these monies, ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 each, are not presented as scholarships, the cash prizes given to the winners can certainly be well used to finance a college education!

poetry scholarship program

If you are a young poet or know someone who is, don’t forget to explore these excellent scholarship poetry contest opportunities to help pay for tuition and other college expenses.

scholarships for poetry

Thousands of dollars of unclaimed college scholarships for poetry are passed over by poets each year because they are too timid to submit their poetry to a judge’s analyzing eye and risk rejection! Don’t let this be you!

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Earn up to $20,000 in unknown scholarships for college to pay your tuition with the Poetry Out Loud poetry scholarships.

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Free poetry contest by the Barbara Mandigo Kelly Peace Poetry Award.

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