A Military Scholarship is not Unusual but may go Unclaimed

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A Military Scholarship is not an unusual scholarship but may go unclaimed when it comes to scholarships for military personnel. It’s really all about serving those who serve; in the best possible way with a college education.
 unique military scholarships and grants is the Montgomery Billl      military scholorship      military scholarship program

You chose to serve your country
Some of the nation’s best and brightest; your priority was defending your country. After serving one or two terms of active duty, or perhaps even retiring from the military, you are ready to go to college. Does this mean that you lost the opportunity for a military scholarship because you gave those years to your country? On the contrary! There are a number of military scholarships available that may go unclaimed unless you apply for and use them.

 This military scholarship grant provides monies to veterans of active duty service

Perhaps the most familiar of these unique military scholarships and grants is the Montgomery Bill, often referred to as the “G.I. Bill.” This military grant provides monies to veterans of active duty service, as well as certain reserve duty veterans. Individuals attending college full-time can receive up to $1,100 monthly under the provisions of this act. Part-time students are also available to receive a reduced monthly award, depending on the amount of credit hours for which they are enrolled.

scholarships for military spouses           scholarships for military children         General Emmett Paige Military Scholarship

Scholarships for military men and women are also available to both active duty personnel and veterans, as well as to their spouses and children through the General Emmett Paige Scholarship. This award, offered through AFCEA, provides $2,000 to eligible recipients who attend a traditional on-campus college program. Other military scholorships are also given through this fund to persons who decide to attend distance learning or online education classes, in the amounts of $1,500 each.

military dependent college scholarships  military scholarships for dependents of military veterans  scholarships for military wives 

Other veterans scholarships, like those awarded by the American Legion, are designated specifically for dependents of military veterans. These students must be dependents of active, as well as certain, reserve service persons who died while on active duty with the armed forces. These scholarships are renewable, and the number and amount of awards each year depends on the amount of scholarship trust money available each year.

scholarships for military children   air force military scholarships are offered to spouses or children  scholarships for military kids going to college

Military scholarships available through the Dependents’ Educational Assistance Program (DEA) are also available to spouses, as well as to children with military parents. These air force military scholarships are offered to spouses or children of service personnel who meet specific enlistment criteria. Certain other disabled veterans also are considered to meet these qualifications.

Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program  scholarships for military spouses at ft bragg, nc   military dependent college scholarships

An additional form of military financial aid is offered through the National Military Family Association (NFMA). Named for the wife of General George Patton, the Joanne Holbrook Patton Military Spouse Scholarship Program gives recipients between $500 and $1,000 each year to the spouses of armed service personnel who served on either active or reserve duty. These military scholarships can be used for tuition, books, or class fees. Candidates may use them to pursue either an undergraduate or a graduate degree.

Army ROTC scholarships and United States Marine Corps scholarships college scholarships for military siblings  military dependent scholarships  

A large number of other military scholarships, including an Army ROTC scholarship and United States Marine Corps scholarships, have also been funded to assist veterans, as well as their spouses and children, to obtain a college education. If you fit into one of these categories, don’t let your chances of getting a higher education be spoiled because you qualified for one of these unusual scholarships and allowed it to go unclaimed!

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