Don’t leave these Unusual Scholarships for Minorities Unclaimed

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Use Your Heritage to Your Advantage and don’t leave these College scholarships for Minorities go Unclaimed!  Are you concerned about paying for college? If you have a unique family heritage, this may work to your advantage; many scholarships for minorities are available to people of many different ethnic backgrounds. Check out some of these opportunities to see if you qualify!

grant and scholarships for minorities     United Negro College Fund or UNCF for minority scholarships      Hispanic Scholarship Fund or HSF for college scholarships for minority students

Not surprisingly, many college scholarships for minority students are available through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF), as well as the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). These organizations are fairly well-known, and have considerable resources. They are endowed partly through the assistance of large corporations such as McDonalds and Walmart, but also are financed partially through interested individuals. If your father or mother has a Hispanic or African-American heritage, you may be eligible for some of this money, which has been dedicated specifically for financial aid to minorities.

    Gates Millennium Scholars or GMS Fund for scholarships for hispanics    scholarships for african americans from the Gates Millennium Scholars

Other Care available as well. For example, the Asian and Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund (APIASF) offers up to 200 individuals who are attending undergraduate programs awards of up to $2,000 each. A similar award, known as the Gates Millennium Scholars, or GMS Fund, provides scholarships for Asians, Latinos, Pacific Islanders, African-Americans, American Indians, and Native Alaskans. This unique and unusual scholarship award is provided to 1,000 students each year, and covers any unmet financial need experienced by any of these students. This award can be used at any accredited university or college.

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants to provide funds for minorities   scholarships for minorities attending law school    scholarships for minority women

One very unique but useful minority scholarship opportunity is provided by The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This award is available to more than 20 qualifying doctoral candidates each year. The amounts of the awards vary, but provide funds for minorities of up to $12,000 each year. In addition to the ethnic backgrounds previously listed, individuals who are Native Hawaiians or of two or more ethnic backgrounds are also encouraged to apply for this award.

scholarships for minority graduate students   unique scholarship opportunities to minorities     scholarship for minority

Scholarships for higher education are available to minorities based on their ethnic background, but some awards also focus on an individual’s specific field of educational interest. Some areas that offer unique scholarship opportunities to minorities interested in pursuing careers within these areas include library, oceanography, and educational scholarships for minorities. Other opportunities include merit scholarships, engineering scholarships, and scholarships for minority graduate students.

scholarships for minority women      scholarships for minorities for college nursing      scholarships for minority nursing students

If your interest happens to be in the medical professions, many scholarships for minorities are available in this field as well. Many scholarships for minority nursing students are awarded each year. This offers exciting and unique opportunities to increase the diversity of the nursing profession for those people who are willing to take advantage of these unique scholarship opportunities.

If you are a Hispanic student getting ready to enroll or already enrolled in college look into the LULAC Scholarship to help pay for your college tuition. The LNSF works with their local LULAC councils outreach program to assist Hispanics for their hopes toa higher education of disadvantaged and yet gifted minority students. The LULAC Scholarship doles out $750,000 annually in Hispanic scholarships.

Scholarship for the Disadvantaged Students (SDS) program which ensures that such disadvantaged communities can access the health education, enroll in and graduate from health professions school and add to the diversity in the health profession as doctors, nurses and others. In the year 2008 the total amount distributed for the scholarships for the disadvantaged students (SDS) was nearly $46 million reaching more than 15,000 students.

There also is the HRSA

financial aid for minorities            scholarship for african americans            scholarships for hispanics

If you are interested in any of these career fields, look for opportunities to finance your college education through some of these unique and unusual scholarships for minorities opportunities! Check with the college that you plan to attend, and search online for some of these opportunities as well. The amount of grant and scholarships for minorities is amazing. Don’t allow your dream of going to college die because you decide to allow some of these scholarships to go unclaimed!

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