Easiest Scholarships Ever

easiest scholarships
Free Tuition from Antioch

There are the easiest scholarships ever presently taking place (2/01/2012) from Antioch College and you must apply before February 15th if you want to attend college this year. Antioch College will be offering full ride scholarships for all students who enroll in the next three years to all incoming students. It cost $26,500 yearly to attend college at Antioch so if you are there for four years this totals to $106,000. This essentially is $106,000 in easy scholarships that may not ever be topped when it comes to the easiest scholarships ever to be applied to.

The room and board at Antioch College is $8,628. If a student files for financial aid, the room and board fee may also be waived or reduced. This will be determined when you file your application at Antioch College and it’s reviewed. The easiest scholarship ever may even then get better if a student doesn’t have to pay any room and board. You couldn’t even write a better easy scholarship plan then what Antioch College is offering.

The Antioch College scholarships are Horace Mann Fellowships and are to be given to all students admitted for the next three years. This was just announced on January 17th 2012 by the college’s Board of Trustees and it all seems too good to be true – but it’s 100% accurate. If you go to their website they clearly have it there for you to read about.

In fact here’s what Antioch’s college dean has to say about the free tuition waiver scholarship being offered their:
“We are a 160-year-old start-up institution with a lot of history,” says Cezar Mesquita, Antioch’s dean of admission and financial aid. The college wants to make an investment in hard-working, engaged students, “who can help restart this great institution.”

Antioch College was founded in 1850 so why all of a sudden are they offering free tuition? Is there a catch to this? Is this college located in an unsafe area? Is there curriculum not good or up to the standards as other colleges? Afterall; when you have to give away something this may mean that no one wants to go there to begin with right?

Antioch College is located in Yellow Springs, Ohio and is a private, independent nonprofit liberal arts college. As Antioch’s website explains “the College curriculum puts equal emphasis on rigorous liberal arts learning, work (cooperative education), and community engagement. Students will complete individualized majors based on one or more of 11 concentrations, a language minor, and six full-time work experiences off campus. The institution, originally founded in 1850, is authorized by the Ohio Board of Regents to grant Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees.”

This all seems to be good so far and the curriculum description is much better then many others. Yellow Springs, Ohio is a very nice place so location is not a factor which will not deter students from attending this school.

The main reason Antioch College is giving away free and easy scholarships to incoming students for the next three years is simply because ex-students wanted it reopened after it closed in 2008. Antioch College made very bad financial management decisions over the years slowly leading on a path of financial ruin. This ultimately led it on a path to its closing. An educational phenomenon then started to occur. Antioch College had astounding financial support from devoted alumni, who were outraged at its closing in 2008. (This should sound ringing bells in anyone’s head who is reading this right now as a testament to the reverence that this college has from past students who actually attended college there). You can’t get a better endorsement about a college then from someone who attended the school.

Antioch embraced (35) students into its inaugural freshmen class in 2011 and it would like to usher in another (65) or more enrolling students in the fall. Antioch is shooting for upwards of (300) students in attendance by year 2015 and that seems like it should happen with no problem with their free and easy scholarship tuition program.

The inaugural freshmen class in 2011 had an average un-weighted high school GPA of 3.56. Their average ACT score was 27, which is like getting a (1250) on the SAT test.

In the application process Antioch College does NOT require students to submit ACT or SAT scores. They consider other factors such as A strong education record, studying of a foreign language and completed four years of English, math, science and social science, and work or volunteer experience, evidence of leadership and participation in extracurricular activities. International students are not accepted at this time and transfer students who apply and admitted to Antioch College will have their credits evaluated.

If there are any concerns about the easiest scholarships ever I would put them to rest and rush to the Antioch College website and start applying now. To receive  full ride scholarships to this college, or for any college for the next four years would be like winning a $106,000 lotto. This is a once in a life-time educational gift and it must be explored further by anyone who reads this.

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  1. barbara

    I’m interested. Do you still offer the full tuition scholarship?
    I;m an out-state student, will that be an issue? what if i’m consider an international student will that limit my chances?

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