How to get Unclaimed Scholarships

unclaimed scholarships
How to get Unclaimed Scholarships

There are plenty of unclaimed scholarships out there, but you can change that by applying for a variety of them. You will have to look harder for them though than you do most other scholarships. However, the fact that most people won’t dig for them means less competition in terms of being able to get those funds. You should be looking everywhere you can to get enough funding for college. Unclaimed college scholarships are the untapped hidden away student financial resource that so many students fail to explore.

What is very interesting about these unknown scholarships are the unique qualifications. They aren’t going to saddle you with the typical GPA, sports involvement, and even your ethnicity or gender. Instead, they are going to provide you with a chance to get some money for school that is based on where you or your parents work, on your height, a hobby you have, and other elements you may never have realized offered scholarships for college.

The amount of money you can receive from any of these little known unclaimed scholarships will vary. Some of them are for $500 or up to $1,000. Others though are significant in their amounts. You should apply for all you are eligible for though including the smaller ones. If you get awarded several of them, that money can quickly add up to a significant contribution towards the cost of your education.

In order to find many of these obscure scholarships online, you have to be unique in your approach. You have to look with words that you normally wouldn’t in order to find those unusual scholarships that are less known about. Don’t be in a rush to get out of a search after the first page either. Continue to explore it several pages deep to see what is there. That is often where you will find those unclaimed college scholarships.

It is important to keep in mind that you should never have to pay any fees to apply for these unclaimed scholarships. Such scams are out there and the only plan of action they have is to fill their own pockets with money. They know that many people are desperately searching for money for school. They are preying on innocent students needing student aid money and taking advantage of them. Any unclaimed college scholarships you see out there should offer you the chance to apply for them without any financial obligation attached to them.

The focus is often on what large businesses and corporations can offer in terms of scholarships. However, if you contact some smaller businesses that you find online or that are in your community you will see that many of them also have unclaimed money available. It doesn’t take much time to contact them and see what options you have. The goal is to find various unidentified scholarships that not many people know about so that you can get those funds for your own education.

Exploring things off the beaten path will make you more qualified for a variety of funds out there for college. Don’t feel that you are out of the running because you didn’t graduate at the top of your class or you weren’t a star athlete. There are never heard of scholarships for those that love to read, for those that can make a dress out of Duct Tape, and even for those that are left-handed. None of these funds are contingent on how well you ranked in high school so give yourself a break. There is money out there to help you with your education in some of the least expected entities.

As you are exploring unclaimed scholarship money, you will find that you are qualified for many of them. Get on the ball and submit your application to colleges so that they can view you as one of the best candidates for those funds. Don’t miss important deadlines and don’t submit applications that are incomplete. Go the distance and do everything you can to get enough money to pay for college. Your efforts pursuing these incognito scholarships are going to pay off.

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  1. Trey C Williams

    This is Trey mother, how do we apply for unclaimed scholarships and where are the application to be fill out.

    Ms Williams

  2. admin


    you must apply via the sponsors website. Many times we put the links in the articles, but will not if the links change from year to year (which would result in a dead link if you clicked on it). You may have to copy the name of the scholarship in the article a and past it in your web-browser to search for it and then go to the scholarships sponsors website.

  3. Yvonne Smith

    This is Bianca Smith mother, how do we apply for unclaimed scholarships and where are the application to be fill out.

    Thank You
    Mrs. Yvonne Smith

  4. admin


    we write about many scholarships which could go unclaimed. You would have to go directly to the scholarship sponsors website to apply.

  5. joel musoke

    i would be more than happy to any available scholarships so that for sister can access her diploma at becoming a stewadess

  6. admin


    you must go to the scholarship sponsors website to apply to any scholarship program we write about. There are links in most of the articles we write about.

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