Unclaimed Scholarships are Unheard About

unclaimed scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships are Undiscovered

Many times the unclaimed scholarships are the ones that are unheard about. They are obscure and not ever publicized. They go un-named or fly under the radar – incognito. They may have them some years and other times close the program off. Then the next year they re-open the program.

Currently enrolled and prospective college students who are wondering about the availability of unclaimed scholarships will find there are actually numerous unheard about scholarships. These unknown scholarships can often prove to be quite advantageous for college students because the competition is not as fierce for these hidden away scholarships due to the fact they are not as well-known. This is to your advantage once you find them and apply to them.

Some unheard about scholarships include the Discover Colleges scholarship. This scholarship is worth $2,500 and is awarded through a scholarship drawing. One of the more unique features of this scholarship is that it is a private college or university college scholarship. The drawing is held annually and begins June 1st and runs through May 31st. Winners of the scholarship drawing will receive $2,500, which can be used toward expenses at the private university or college of their choice, provided it is located in the United States. Colleges must be private and may not be public. This is why it could be an unclaimed college scholarship.

Other unheard about scholarships include the ScholarshipPoints scholarship. Unlike many standard scholarships, which are only awarded on an annual basis, these unique scholarships are awarded monthly. In 2011, ScholarshipPoints gave away nearly $130,000 in scholarships. Membership in ScholarshipPoints is required to apply for the scholarship drawings; however, membership is completely free of charge. Members in the program are able to earn scholarship points for reading blogs, shopping, searching the web, playing games and taking surveys. The more active a member is, the more scholarship points they will earn. Members with the most scholarship points will have increased opportunities for winning a scholarship.

The Roothbert Fund Scholarship is another potential unclaimed scholarship which students may not be aware of. This fund was originally established in 1958 by Albert and Toni Roothbert as a way of assisting men and women who wish to further their education, but who need financial assistance to do so. The primary focus on this fund is to offer grants to graduate and undergraduate students. Scholarship funds may be applied toward study at any U.S. accredited institution of higher learning. Scholarships are awarded for transcripts, essays and recommendations. A group of scholarship finalists are invited to the fund’s home base in New York City for a personal interview.

Approximately 20 new scholarship recipients are selected annually. The grants offered by this fund are substantial and average between $2,000 and $3,000 each. They are intended to provide supplementary financial aid assistance for college only. Applications for these hidden away scholarships are made available between November 1st and January 31st. Grant renewal may be considered based upon prior achievement during the preceding school year. Renewal applications are due by February 1st.

This organization also sponsors the Roothbert Fellowship. Selected fellows are invited to attend an informal retreat in Philadelphia. Along with the regular scholarships this organization offers, the fund has also established the Carl T. Solberg Award. Prospective candidates for this award are identified from the prior year’s pool of applicants. The award was established as a way of honoring Carl T. Solberg, who served as President of the Fund for approximately 40 years.

The Loftbed Scholarship is another unknown about scholarship college students may wish to apply for. This is only a $500 scholarship award that is offered by Loftbed as a way of giving something back to the community and in recognition of the company’s stature as the premier choice of loft beds among college students. The little known scholarship is awarded to the applicant whom the judges feel provides the most interesting responses to application questions.

This makes the Loftbed scholarship quite different from other scholarships, which are frequently based on grades, test scores, extra-curricular activities, etc. The Loftbed scholarship does not discriminate on the basis of community or service organization involvement, writing skills or GPA. The goal of the questions required to enter this scholarship contest is to make students think and to determine a student’s level of creativity, while also helping students to perform a self-evaluation. The deadline to apply is January 31st.

Ace Scholarships award scholarships nationally each month. ACE has presented scholarships totaling more than $12 million since 1995. These scholarships are funded by industry leaders from around the country. The ACE program is focused on engaging, creating interest and educate high school students to pursue careers in the combined construction industry by mentoring and to offer support for continued advancement in the industry through scholarships & grants. Applications for these (easily could become unclaimed) scholarships are accepted through May.

National Collegiate Inventors scholarships offer the opportunity for individuals who have invented something to finish their education and potentially change the world. Over a period of 21 years, the Collegiate Inventors Competition Program has honored numerous inventions by college students. Students whose inventions are deemed to be among the best will be brought to the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington D.C., where they will be able to present their invention to a panel of invention experts.

Award recipients will also have the opportunity to meet with other young inventors from around the country and have their invention idea showcased nationally, while also competing for more than $100,000 in prizes. This includes a $15,000 top prize for grad students and a $12,500 top prize for undergraduate students. Advisors will also be eligible to win a cash prize. Last year, the Competition awarded almost $80,000 in prizes to graduate and undergraduate students and their advisors. Since the Competition’s inception in 1990, it has showcased advanced student research in mathematics, engineering, science and technology (STEM) and creative invention.

College students looking for unheard about scholarships which may be unclaimed; and with a drive to do something may want to apply for the ‘Do Something’ scholarship awards program. This little known program was established in 1996 as a way to honor the best young world-changers who are 25 years of age or younger. Up to five finalists will appear on the awards program on Vh1 and will receive a community grant. The grand prize winner will receive $100,000. Each finalist will receive a $10,000 community grant. All recipients can elect to receive $5,000 of the award as an educational scholarship. The remaining funds will be paid directly to the organization or not-for-profit charity of the nominee’s choice. The deadline to apply for the awards is March 1st. Finalists will be granted in-person interviews in New York City in June.

Unclaimed scholarships are usually the unheard about scholarships so you may want to look for them and find them and submit your applications to as many as you unearth. You will increase your chances of winning one ten-fold. Search for the unknown student scholarships so as to stay far away from the scholarship crowd.

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