Unclaimed Scholarships are Easy to Get

unclaimed scholarships
Unclaimed Scholarships Easy to Get but Hard to Find

The fact that so many people look for unclaimed scholarships annually to pay for college is a well-known fact. What you may not be aware of is that there are also millions of dollars that are unused every single year. It isn’t that people don’t want those funds, it is often that they don’t find out about the various unclaimed scholarships out there. Not all easy scholarships are common, as that is where the trouble lies.

A person can’t apply for a scholarship if they don’t know about it. This is where doing your own homework and digging deep for those unused scholarship funds is really going to be helpful. The fewer people you are competing against for such funds, the higher your chance is of being approved for that money. These unknown scholarships are going to require you to hunt them down. You can use the internet though as a great resource to help you identify them and how to apply.

The saying is that nothing worth getting comes easy, and that is why you have to be dedicated to the hours of research involved in finding this unclaimed scholarship money. Just think though that if you spend a few hours of your time it can result in thousands of dollars for college. With that type of return on the investment of time, you really can’t afford to pass it all up. The last thing you want is to have a huge bill over you when you complete college in the form of student loans – if you can help it.

What is terrific about the unused scholarships is that most of them aren’t traditional in terms of how you qualify. We all know too well that most scholarships require you to graduate at the top of your class, to be involved with sports, and to do very well on the ACT and SAT. With many of these unclaimed college scholarships, those aren’t the things they are looking at.

Instead, they are looking at unique characteristics and various hobbies you may be passionate about. Some of these unique easy scholarships are fun in terms of what they look at. Others require you to be creative such as making something out of particular products that the business offers.

You also want to check out your various community organizations to see what unused money for college, and they are local providers. It doesn’t take much of your time to call around and to see what is out there. You may find that there is more money right in your community that can help you to pay for college than you ever realized. These are all promising easier scholarships to be looked into.

Don’t be shy about addressing your needs with the financial aid department at the college where you plan to attend either. Let them know you are interested in any unknown scholarships that you may be eligible for. Chances are the individuals that work in that department are going to be able to help you connect with finding some great unused scholarships that you could qualify for.

Many special interest groups offer scholarship funds for various causes. If you have an interest in particular causes then make sure you find out what types of funds may be offered for you along those lines too. The bottom line is that you should be looking high and low for money for college. Not all scholarships and grants are well-known so look anywhere you can to find what is really out there.

There is plenty of unused money out there in the form of unknown scholarships. Don’t allow that money to be passing you by. Instead, do all you can to help ensure you are able to apply for it, to qualify for it, and to get that money on board to pay for your college education. The less you have to pay out of your own pocket, the better off you are going to be. Unclaimed scholarships tend to be easier scholarships to get once you find them.

Finding them is the hard part!

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  1. willie jordan

    I have a young man attendind college. He is an absolutely amazing student with the drive it takes to be someone who could literally make a significant difference in this world! He did graduate top of his class in high school, and is a talented athlete. He is on track to graduate early! What I dont understand is that my wife and I have worked so hard to help him get the assistance to complete his degree and go on to graduate school. Every semester he is having to go further in debt to stay in school. not sure what we are doing wrong, but the frustration is getting immense. Any advice is good advice! Do you have any? HELP

  2. admin


    speak to the FinAids office he is attending school at now to see what options are available for him in his graduate school. New programs open up continually and if he’s on the list then he may take advantage of it.

  3. Peggy Daniels

    Grandson has been accepted into Christian Brothers Univ. He is visually impaired & has Autism Spectrum. 160 tested IQ. Has some funds but need more for him to have full scholarship to attend. He, Mom & Dad are on SSI so, no family funds avaibable. Thank you!

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