Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program is Quick and Easy

Florida bright futures scholarship is quick and easy. bright futures scholarship florida bright futures scholarship have easy application requirements.

Students who live in Florida now have an exciting, unusual quick and easy scholarship opportunity to finance their college education through the state lottery with a Bright Futures Scholarship Program. florida brightfutures scholarship  is quick and simple.Florida’s Bright Futures academic scholarship, which are funded by lottery proceeds, offer high school graduates who excel academically an excellent opportunity to receive free tuition money. Students who are home-schooled or who receive their General Educational Development (GED) certificates are also eligible for state-funded assistance.

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Quickest and best option to check and see if you would qualify for a Bright Futures scholarship  program; or some other scholarship you never knew you might qualify for is to go here:

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The Bright Futures Scholarship Program requirements offers three different levels of awards to students, based on their academic achievement. The Florida Gold Seal Vocational Scholars Award (GSV) allows students who achieve a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) to qualify for a bright futures academic scholarship if they achieve minimum SAT, ACT, or CPT scores, and complete 15.5 credit hours of core classes. The award is equivalent to 75 percent of the money required to pay tuition and fees at any public institution within the state. If students opt to attend a private college, they are eligible to receive three-fourths of the amount of money required to finance their education at a comparable public college or university.

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In comparison, students who are able to maintain the same GPA, but have higher scores on the SAT, ACT, or CPT, must take 15.5 credits of college preparatory classes in order to qualify for the next-highest award. The Florida Medallion Scholars Award, or FMS, is another Florida BrightFutures scholarship for college students that provides them with the entirety of the financial requirement for a public community college, or alternatively rewards them with 75 percent of the funding towards any other accredited public institution.

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Again, students who desire to attend private colleges or universities may receive three -fourths of the financial award offered to a student attending a public institution.

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The Bright Futures academic scholarship program offers an unusually generous award; entitled the Florida Academic Scholars Award (FAS) to students who have been able to maintain a GPA of at least 3.5, and who successfully complete 15.5 hours of college preparatory credits. These students are required to obtain a score of 1270 on the SAT, or 28 on the ACT.

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Students who demonstrate this high level of academic proficiency are awarded 100 percent of the financial assistance required to attend an accredited public institution. They may also elect to attend a private institution; however, they will receive only an award equal to 100 percent of the funding required for them to attend a public institution.

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The Bright futures scholarship application deadline for students is the senior year in high school, or they will permanently forfeit their right ever to apply again for Bright Futures Scholarships. In addition, they become ineligible for these BrightFutures scholarships if they commit any type of felony crime.

bright futures scholarship for military personnel

Military personnel are offered a unique scholarship opportunity to remain eligible for the brightfutures scholarship for three years after their tour of duty ends.

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If you are a graduating Florida high school senior, you cannot afford to let your opportunity for Florida Bright Futures Scholarships go unclaimed! Be sure to apply before the BrightFutures scholarship application deadline, so that you don’t become ineligible for this unusual generous quick and easy scholarship award!

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