Cannot let a Bill Gates Scholarship go Unclaimed

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If you are thinking about college, but have no idea how you can possibly afford the rising costs of tuition, do not leave any of the Bill Gates scholarship programs go unclaimed. They are simply too good of a scholarship to be left unclaimed. The Bill Gates Scholarship Foundation is designed to assist people who otherwise could not pay for a college education. This foundation supports five different scholarship programs to provide support for those in financial need.

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The first of the Bill Gates Scholarships is called the D.C. Achievers Scholarship. This award is targeted to students who attend high school in low-income areas of Washington, D.C. Up to 2,250 high school students have a unique scholarship opportunity to win one of these financial aid scholarships. This Bill Gates Foundation Scholarship is provided as a joint effort between the foundation and city officials.

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The Bill Gates Cambridge Scholarship is available to any student who does not live within the United Kingdom (UK). These scholarship grants are provided to students who are academically eligible, but require additional financial resources, to attend Cambridge University. These scholorships are made available through a $210 million dollar endowment provided by Bill and Melinda Gates. This endowment enables about 110 scholarships to be awarded each year.

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Another possible unclaimed scholarship chance for financial aid scholarships is provided through the Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholarship. This Bill Gates Millenium scholarship was developed from an initial $1 billion award provided by the Gates Foundation. This is the Bill Gates minority scholarship, designed to fund college expenses for African-American, American Indian, Latino, Native Alaskan, or a Pacific Islander Scholarship for students. This Bill Gates scholarship program, which was founded in 1999, has since offered 10,000 students a unique chance for a higher education. The Bill Gates scholarship fund is administered through the United Negro College Fund (UNCF Scholarships).

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Some college students may qualify for the William H. Gates Public Service Law Program. This award is offered through the Law School at the University of Washington. The endowment was created in honor of Gates’s father, who was a prominent attorney in the state of Washington. Five first-year students have the unique opportunity to receive scholarship money for tuition, as well as books and normal fees and expenses. Students who accept these awards, which allow them the opportunity to earn a degree in law from one of the premier law schools in the United States, commit themselves to five years of public service after graduation.

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The last of the Bill Gates scholarships offered by the Bill Gates College Scholarship Fund is the Washington State Achievers Award. This money works to re-design high schools in low-income areas, to provide students with a greater opportunity to succeed and to attend college. In addition, the foundation has awarded 2,500 scholarships to high school students attending an accredited institution.

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People living in low-income areas, as well as minority students, have a unique opportunity to attend college through the unusual generosity demonstrated by the establishment of the Bill Gates Scholorship. Don’t be the one who lets’ one of these scholarships go unclaimed with a chance to participate in one of these excellent prospects. Search now to see if you qualify for one of these five different opportunities to improve your life – and get an education!

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  1. kezang penjor

    I am an intensive user of Microft Corporation products like Windows XP and all other products. I want to do MBA and Master of Computer Application through Microsoft Corporation only inasmuch as I am very much familiar and oriented with Microsoft products. I want to develop Dzongkha Operating System as there are many fans of Microsoft product in our country Bhutan. I would very much like the Microsoft to sponsor my Master degree study in USA or Canada

  2. Joseph Kawele

    Dear Sir,

    I am a Zambian citizen currently holding Unconditional offer of a study place on an MSc in Water Management Community water and sanitation in October, 2011 at Cranfield University, UK applying for a scholarship to enable me undertake this important study which will contribute to the attainment of the Millenium Development Goals in Zambia.

    I will be very grateful if my application will be considered.

    Thank you.

    Joseph Kawele

  3. admin


    keep applying to as many as you can find. Go directly to the scholarship webpage to apply. Who ever is sponsoring the scholarship is where you apply.


    Hello I am A 21 year old female from mcalester oklahoma. I am currently going to a technology school and taking a culinary course. I am trying to find out how I can get as many scholarships as possible. I would like to further my education as much as possible but finding funding is becoming harder and harder everyday. I have no children and im not an ex drug addict nore am I a minority and I find it is becoming difficult to get help without having some sort of sympathy factor. Even though I am not a minority I feel singled out and helpless. It seems like if you are not gay,of an ethnic background,or on welfare no one wants to help. I am not saying none of those categories dont deserve help but why should I not be able to recieve the same benefeits just because I am a white female. If anyone could help please contact me on facebook. sincerly yours RISCHA GOODWIN.

  5. Indra Chamlagai

    Respected Sir,

    I am 18 years old born in Bhutanese Refugee Camp,Nepal.Growing up in refugee camp, having parent without education, and community with out education has always taught the values of education. I came to united state with limited English,staying after school,riding bikes for an hour to get my homework done, and staying up-late night studying/learning has made me this far.Currently,i am at top 10% of my graduating class.I’ll be graduating on 2012. Please help me. I really want to very successful. I need you finical, I can be part of next generation. You can reach me at

    I am looking forward for your kind support. If you any ideas please share with me.

    Thank you.
    Indra Chamlagai

  6. Victoria

    We have reviewed your website and found it to be very helpful and full of information. We cannot seem to find any links or applications for scholarships. Is this website just an informational site for scholarships and grants? Where can we find scholarship, grants or funding applications?

  7. Emma

    I am an adult woman (33) who is a parent (am married) who also lives with two disabled parents. we are low income (less than 3500 per year family of 7). I need some assistance with travel expenses and bills are adding up quick. I am studying at tech college to be an LPN (State of GA). Can you point me in the right direction. I have a GPA that exceeds 3.5 but I get pell and hope but other than that everyone says student loan. There has to be some grants and scholarships to help me. My husband has been looking for work for 2 years but in RURAL Ga they are hard to come by and every time he gets one he gets laid off due to loss of contract (outsourcing!) Please point me to something than can actually help. I have filled out so many apps for them to turn out to be dead ends. Anyone have any REAL help for someone like me?

  8. admin


    grants may be best for you if you qualify and it seems you may. You must visit the FinAid office at the college of your choice and discuss what you can be eligible for to apply to. If you need student loans then no cosigner student loans are a great last resort. There is also work study programs which are a nice way to attend college and work at easy jobs which pay pretty good.

  9. Latrece Miller

    I am a disabled (spinal cord injury, resulting in lower right limb paralysis) single mom. My son has been accepted to three great universities and I’m trying to find ways to pay for his education. We have done the FASA. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

  10. Henry N.Kolenky

    Good morning to the officials and member of this great scholarship program. I am very much delighted to have seeing this important style of learning. I wish to apply as a student of( Health Sciences) major in ( Public Health) specialized in Epidemiology. I am a Liberian I graduated from High School since 2013/2014, I been trying to obtained scholarship and continue my study but I am always denied due to financial problem.
    Thanks for your understanding
    Kind regard.

  11. admin


    you must apply to scholarships to see IF you are qualified to receive them. We put URL’s in most of the webpages of the scholarship program we write about. You can click that link to apply. If no link is their, it means the sponsor of the scholarship changed the link, in which case you must browser search for it. Have you considered bursaries? If not you should apply to them.

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