A Wendy’s Scholarship more Unusual then Others

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The owners of Wendy’s Restaurants have shown an unusual scholarship commitment to education by funding the Wendy’s scholarship. Offered in partnership with other organizations, Wendy’s Scholarships have offered a number of high school seniors the ability to reach their dreams of higher education.
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One Wendys scholarship is offered to high school seniors in Canada. This award, known as the Classic Achiever Scholarship, provides substantial resources for students who plan to attend an accredited college or university. Two national winners are selected from among the 30 college scholarship recipients and awarded a trip to New York City. Each of these winners also receives a Wendy’s scholarship to college for $5,000.
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Wendy’s, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, and Women’s Foodservice Forum provide another unusual scholarship opportunity jointly. Four Wendys scholarships were created in memory of Dave Thomas, the man who founded Wendy’s. These awards, known as “Reaching Your Dream Scholarships,” provide four female students an opportunity to further their education in majors related to the restaurant and foodservice industry. Each Wendy’s scholarship is a nonrenewable amount of $2,000.
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Perhaps the most prestigious financial aid scholarship offered by this corporation is the Wendy’s Heisman award. This scholarship was introduced in 1994 to reward young students who were active in their communities and demonstrated excellence in both academics and athletics.
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One young man and one young woman from each high school throughout the country are selected to represent their school as a School Winner. They will receive a letter and certificate of acknowledgement, along with a patch commemorating their selection. Then, from the pool of school winners, State Finalists will be selected. Twenty finalists from each state, and from the District of Columbia, will receive a certificate, a bronze metal, and a patch acknowledging their accomplishment.
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The committee then reviews these students, numbering 1,020 altogether, and one male and one female student are chosen from each state, as well as the District of Columbia. Each of these State Winners will receive a silver medal in addition to a letter and patch. From this group of students, twelve National Finalists are then chosen from each of six geographical areas. These students will attend the Heisman Awards banquet in New York City, receive a gold medal for their efforts, and each of their schools will receive $2,000 in Wendy’s scholarships.
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Only two students will continue on to win the National Award. One male and one female student will receive Heisman trophies during the ESPN broadcast of the football trophy presentation. Each of these students’ schools will also receive a $10,000 Wendy’s monetary award.
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Wendy’s does not offer nearly as many scholarship opportunities as many of the other fast food companies such as Burger King or McDonald’s. The fact that they are less common makes it more likely that they will be an unclaimed scholarship! Start looking now to investigate those awards for which you may be eligible. Keep looking. You may suddenly find yourself with an unusual scholarship opportunity to attend college on a Wendy’s scholarship – and this opportunity may be just around the corner!

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