Do You Have the Right Stuff for a Pepsi Scholarship

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The manufacturers of Pepsi Cola have created a unique scholarship opportunity with those students who have the “right stuff” to earn a college degree. A number of Pepsi scholarship awards are available to motivated students who need financial assistance in funding their educations. Are you one of the students who are eligible?
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The Pepsi Foundation has created several Pepsi scholarships. Some of these are offered only to students who attend certain high schools or vocational schools. For example, the Pepsico foundation scholarship provides money for certain students who graduate from Marriott Hospitality High School, which is located in Washington, D.C. Eligible students will have worked in the hotel or hospitality industries for at least 250 hours before applying. In addition, they must maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.0, and be enrolled in an accredited undergraduate degree program that concentrates on the hospitality industry. The amount of the awards is between $500 and $3,000.
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A similar unique opportunity is available to students who attend public high schools located within the city of Baltimore, Maryland. Those students who have a GPA of at least 2.5 and are involved in community service may apply for a Pepsi Cola Scholarship. The unusually generous amount of $10,000 is given, on a competitive basis, to graduating high school seniors who decide to attend an accredited college or university located in Maryland.
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Other Pepsi college scholarships are provided to students with the “right stuff” who attend Mid-Del Technology Center in Oklahoma. In order to be eligible, students must be planning to attend an accredited institution in the state of Oklahoma. These students must possess a GPA of at least 3.0 in order to qualify. The Pepsi scholarship application is available online.
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The Pepsi Cola Scholarship Program also endows a number of other awards in high schools and universities throughout the United States. Students attending Missouri State, for instance, may have the chance to qualify for some Pepsico scholarship tuition assistance. Likewise, students attending the University of Nebraska (Lincoln) and those at Wayne State University have the unique opportunity to secure additional Pepsi cola scholarship college money.
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Pepsi Company has also teamed up with Kroger Corporation to offer scholarships of $10,000 to certain students living in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and West Virginia. This money is awarded through the United Negro College Fund (UNCF). Successful applicants will have a minimum GPA of 2.5, and be high school seniors with an unmet financial need. In addition, they will be attending an accredited college or university in the United States. They must write a Pepsi essay describing exactly why they believe a mind should not be allowed to go to waste.
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Pepsi scholarship applications are available online. Students wishing to take advantage of these, or other, “sweet” opportunities to win a Pepsi scholarship of up to $10,000 each should begin doing their homework. Don’t let the opportunity to win these unique scholarships go to waste; it’s your education – and your mind! Start your “scholarship qualifying” for your share of Pepsi’s profits today! 

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    I CAN’T GET WHY YOU DON’T GIVE ARAB STUDENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST SOME OF YOUR attention and GRANTS! YOU JUST CARE ABOUT USA students! as you know millions of your profits come from middle east so i think we deserve too to get your scholarships.i think you need to look over to this case. thanks

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    we do have an article on Jewish scholarships. We will look into writing an article on Arab scholarships soon so keep checking within 14 days it will be posted! Thanks for your feed back and you do make a valid point.

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    i got below knee leg amputatin i m from Balochistan Pakistan can i get scholarship

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    Please give me scholarship thank u.

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    you must go directly to the scholarship sponsors website to apply to any scholarship and if you have questions there direct them to the sponsor via their contact webpage. Read more on college bursaries.

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    tell me an effective way to approach there

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    I am from Ghana what are possibility of getting a scholarship.I also think you make profit frm Ghana.

  8. Cindy C says:

    I was blessed as a single mother for 2 of my children to receive scholarships and grants, and now I am helping a friend find monies for her children. I came across your blog and it has great info, which of course I’ve passed onto her.

  9. admin says:


    thanks for the compliment!

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