Weird Scholarships Available to All

What is your niche in life?
Weird Scholarships
Unique Scholarships
Everyone is unique, and as such, everyone has some ability or family history that qualifies them for one or more of the weird scholarships offered each year. Many of these scholarships go unclaimed each year as many students struggle to work and pay for college. Why go through the trouble and struggle of working full time while attending school when you can get free college money for your own strange habits and hobbies.

Strange bizare scholarships
There are thousands of weird scholarships available to anyone who can qualify. Often times, there is no competition for this free money, as many weird scholarships are unknown. Most people either don’t know such scholarships exist or they never think to search of them.
Weird college scholarship
So thousands of dollars go unclaimed each year as scholarship deadlines come and pass without a single applicant. Some of the weirdest scholarships available are those created for students with odd hobbies or attributes.
Crazy and weird college scholarships
An example of this is seen in the Chick and Sophie Major Memorial Duck Calling Contest, where applicants show off their best duck calls in competition for scholarship money.

Tall people scholarship
Tall Clubs International offers a weird scholarship to men who are taller than 6’2” or women who are taller than 5’10”.

Duck tape college scholarship
Still other groups, such as Duck brand duct tape offer weird scholarships based on the imaginative usage of a particular product, in this case, duct tape as prom clothing! Strange abilities also provide a basis for weird scholarships and students who have these abilities can use them to pay for school.

unusual scholarship for predicting the future The Excellence in Predicting the Future Award offers money for college to students who can predict future events!
milk lovers college scholarship for milk lovers
Milk lovers can also cash in on many weird scholarships, such as the Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year Award, which awards free college money to students who enjoyed athletics, community service, academics as well as milk throughout high school. There is also an authentic milk scholarship from DHIA worth looking into. Welders, painters, and Lego builders can also obtain some of the weird scholarships available. Virtually anyone can qualify for some of this free money, all that remains is the search and claim process! At the end of the day, it is impossible to give examples of all the weird scholarships available to everyday students each year.

Unclaimed heritage scholarships

Every individualistic quality is celebrated in this modern time when money is given to every range of person, from one heritage or another, from those who like planes, to those who like art. Nearly each and every ability, hobby or heritage gives one the right to claim some type of weird scholarship out there. Don’t let this free money go unclaimed any longer! Put it to work today in paying for your education!  More info on scholarships at Wiki.

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Do you have some type of strange habit, interest or a unique moment in your heritage? Chances are that there is some kind of weird scholarship available to you. These weird scholarships are free and can be used to pay for any higher education costs, such as tuition, books and living expenses. Best of all, this free money never needs to be repaid!

How to get weird scholarships the strange and odd way.

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