Not so Unusual Tennessee Lottery Scholarship Requirements


lottery scholarships tennesseeHave you been a resident of Tennessee for more than one year? Have you heard about the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship program? Do you plan to attend a public or private institution in this state? If you do, read here to determine whether you qualify for a unique opportunity to get a share of lottery winnings through the Tennessee Education Lottery Scholarship Program (TELS).

In order to be eligible, students must demonstrate prooftennessee lottery scholarship information of completion of an education at the high school level. Students may accomplish this through receiving a high school diploma or completing a home schooling program. Another option is to pass the General Education Diploma (GED) exam. Additionally, students must enroll in an accredited college or university within 16 months of graduation or passing the exam.

Several different types of scholarship awards are available through this program. First, the Tennessee Hope Scholarship is offered to students who maintain minimum grade point averages (GPAs) of 3.0 or meet certain minimum Achievement Test (ACT) or Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores. These Tennessee hope scholarship grants total $4,000 if the student will be attending a four-year university, or $2,000 if the student will be attending a two-year university.

An additional, Tennessee hope scholarship supplemental grant is offered to those with minimum results on the above-mentioned standardized test scores who maintain a GPA of 3.75 or higher. These Tennessee hope scholarships are entitled General Assembly Merit Scholarships.  Recipients receive an additional $1,000 to be used for books or tuition.

Another Tennessee State Lottery Scholarship is the Aspire Award. These monies are specifically designated for students who qualify for the Hope Scholarship. Qualifying students who live independently will have a total household income less than $36,000. Alternatively, if the student is still living at home, the income of his or her parents must be less than $36,000 to benefit from this $1,500 award.

Students who do not meet requirements for Tennessee Hope Scholarships can opt to apply for the Wilder-Naifeh Technical Skills Grant. These $2,000 grants can be used for courses taken in a diploma or certificate program at an accredited technology center within the state.

Students who maintain a GPA of 2.75 and achieve certain minimum standardized test scores may be eligible to receive the Tennessee Hope Access Grant. Winners who are attending four-year universities will receive $2,750 if their income level, as described above, is less than $36,000. Those who are planning to attend two-year institutions may receive up to $1,750.

One other Tennessee Educational Lottery Scholarship is the Tennessee Hope Foster Child Tuition Grant. These monies are provided to graduating high school students residing within the state who have been foster children for at least one year. These Tennessee lottery scholarship grants pay part of the student’s tuition, depending on the college program selected.

Any Tennessee resident can benefit from this unusual chance to win the Tennessee education lottery scholarship program. Learn more about the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship requirements, so that you can make sure you are eligible by the time you graduate from high school. Don’t allow your share of these Tennessee lottery scholarships to go unclaimed!

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