Canadian Scholarships: Don’t Let your Share of Financial Aid go Unclaimed!

Are you a Canadian resident, or are you looking for Canadian scholarships for international students?  The Canadian government has chosen to invest heavily in today’s students and work to help them become tomorrow’s leaders. If you want to attend college in Canada, or are looking for money to finance student research in a Canadian Province, read here to claim your share of the future!

In 1998, the Canadian government was farsighted enough to recognize the future inflation of college tuition rates, and the decreasing availability of higher education to many of the country’s students. In an effort to halt the increasing gap between tuition costs and student income, government leaders created the Canadian Millennium Scholarships Foundation. This foundation was created to provide Canadian scholarships for students over a ten-year period.

Although the future of the foundation is somewhat uncertain, these national Canadian scholorships have, to date, dramatically increased the educational opportunities of over half a million Canadian students. Two different types of Canadian scholarships are offered in this program. Canadian financial aid scholarships target students with significant financial need, while the Millennium Excellence Award Program offers academic scholarships to Canadian students who demonstrate academic excellence and are involved in service to their communities.

International student scholarships have also been established and are administered through the Canada Government Awards Program. For students from Chile, Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and Haiti who wish to study in Canada, graduate Canadian government scholarships are available. Similarly, undergraduate college scholarships are available to Chilean, Cuban, and Haitian students who wish to study in Canada. For students interested in a Canadian post graduate scholarship, Canadian PhD programs offer assistance to international students from Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea and Switzerland.

Other international scholarships are awarded to students from numerous other countries as well. The Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship Program offers tuition assistance for students who wish to study at either public universities or research centers located throughout the country.  The goal of this program is to assist students who show high academic promise to learn, and to return to their homes to make a significant contribution to their country’s society.

Candidates from many countries are potentially available for Canadian graduate scholarships through this program. Students who are eligible may be residents of most Asian Pacific nations, Latin American or Caribbean island countries, and many residents of African nations in the sub-Sahara region.

Many undergraduate students from other countries are also able to apply for scholarships to study in Canada. These students are residents of the Caribbean island nations. Additionally, other students who live in the United Kingdom or New Zealand may be eligible for post-doctoral fellowship awards.

The high cost of going to graduate school has increased in the past few years and Vanier Scholarships in Canada support graduate students returning to school and finish their degrees. Vanier Canada graduate scholarships pay $50,000 per year for the first three years.

If you are a Canadian citizen, consider the unique and exciting opportunities afforded you by a Canadian scholarship and don’t let your share of Canadian financial aid go unclaimed!. If you are a resident of one of the countries mentioned above, don’t allow yourself to miss out on the chance of a lifetime! Take a moment now to determine if you are eligible for an canadian scholarships for international students – you won’t regret this unusual, rewarding experience!

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