Receive Unusual Aviation Scholarships and Get Paid to Fly

Want to get paid to fly on unsual aviation scholarships? Then read about the following. Have you ever asked these questions. Have you always dreamed about learning to fly? Afraid that flight school was way too expensive for your budget? Don’t allow these aviation educational scholarships, which offer you an unusual chance to get paid to learn to fly, go unclaimed!

Aviation scholarship opportunities abound for aspiring female pilots. The International Society of Women Airline Pilots, also known as the ISA, or ISA+21, offers a number of unusual flight scholarships to women who want to advance their pilot training. These aviation financial aid scholarships are provided in honor of those who have made significant contributions to ISA. They include the Holly Mullins Memorial Scholarship, the North Carolina Financial Scholarship, the Fiorenza de Bernardi Financial Scholarship, and the Grace McAdams Harris Scholarship.

Another type of award offered to female pilots is the ISA Airline Scholarship. These aviation grants can be used to assist women to qualify for ratings on various aircrafts, depending upon the corporate sponsor who provides the funding for that award. To be eligible for any ISA award, however, an applicant must already possess her pilot license.


For those female students who desire to begin a career in aviation, several unique scholarship funds have been established. Women in Aviation, International (WIAI) is an unusual group of women who are dedicated to assisting other women earn flying scholarships. This group offers tuition assistance to ten candidates in aviation-related fields each year. These awards are offered to women who choose to enter career paths leading them to a pilot’s license, an engineering degree, or dispatcher training.

Of course, an aviation degree isn’t only for women, and a variety of other aviation scholarships are available for both men and women who decide to begin pilot training.  For example, the AOPA Scholarship Foundation awards $1,000 to three students each year who are enrolled in a aviation college flight program and would otherwise have difficulty continuing their education. In addition, the National Business Aircraft Administration (NBAA) offers aviation financial aid for students who are interested in supportive careers, including flight attendants, schedulers, and dispatchers.

The Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) is another aviation foundation dedicated to assisting students who want to fly or pursue aviation-related careers. The AEA offers more than twenty-five aviation tuition scholarships each year to high school seniors and college students who wish to become pilots, repair technicians, dispatchers, or managers. Many of these aviation grants are offered through aviation college programs, such as Westwood College of Aviation Technology in Colorado, Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Texas State Technical College.

If you really want to learn to fly, don’t miss your chance to touch the clouds with your wings! Apply for these unusual academic aviation scholarships now; don’t let them go unclaimed because you weren’t ready to take a chance.  The sky is the limit, but only if you are ready to put your hearts into your dreams and search for the assistance you need to begin or finish your aviation college career with aviation scholarships.

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