Apply for these Unusual African American Scholarships Today

In the past, people of color have lacked educational resources and been forced to rely on their own hard work and efforts to pay for college tuition. Today, however, dozens of unusual African American scholarships are available to intelligent students who need help with financing their education. Many of these scholarships for African-American students, however, continue to remain unclaimed each year, because no one applies for them.  If you are interested in higher education, learn more about the unique scholarship options that can help you finance your future!

One of most acclaimed African-American student scholarships is the Ron Brown Scholar Program. At least ten students receive african american scholarship awards of up to $10,000 per year for four years of education at any university in the United States. Unlike many African-American Scholarship Fund endowments, the Ron Brown Scholarship can be used at any accredited school. Furthermore, students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. Candidates must be United States citizens or permanent residents, and must demonstrate academic excellence as well as community leadership qualities.
Some college scholarships for African-American students are named for well-known heroes of the twentieth century who have shown leadership in breaking down racial barriers across the nation. Jackie Robinson is one example of a courageous leader who helped to make it possible for minority people to find equal opportunity in many careers, including sports. Through the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s Scholarship Program, scholarships for black males and females are offered each year. These monies, of $7,500 each, are given to minority students who demonstrate leadership qualities and need financial assistance in acquiring a college education.

Another outstanding man left a legacy of civil rights activism that extended to providing unusually generous african american scholarships and grants to young people. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund offers scholarships for black women and men who excel academically. These black scholarships, which average $2,200 each year, are merit-based awards offered to students who are unable to finance their education independently. These african american college scholarships, given through 47 member universities and colleges, are reserved for students who maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) and who are recommended by both the coordinating institution and the student’s high school.


A number of Scholarship opportunities for African-American graduate students are also available. For example, the United Negro College Fund Scholarships (UNCF) bestows research and dissertation fellowships to qualified graduate and postdoctoral students. These grants are offered to students who choose career paths related to biomedical or life sciences. These monies are distributed in conjunction with Merck and Company, a huge pharmaceutical manufacturing and research company.

If you are a member of this qualified ethnic minority, do not allow these unusual scholarships to go unclaimed. If no one applies for them, a large number of African-American scholarships will go unclaimed each year because students hesitate to take advantage of these unusual educational grant opportunities to fund their college education. Avoid the terrible mistake of allowing your mind to go to waste because you wait too long to pursue your dreams!

Use Your Heritage to Your Advantage and don’t leave these College scholarships for Minorities go Unclaimed!



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Don’t leave these Unusual Scholarships for Minorities Unclaimed.

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  1. Cyrus L. Dandridge

    I’m a 39 yrs of age single father ,going to Full Sail University to obtain my bachelors degree in entertainment management then continue my education to obtain my masters in the same field so i can provide my daughter with the type of life I always dreamed i would one day be able to give her .

  2. Cyrus L. Dandridge

    I’m a 39 yrs of age single father ,going to Full Sail University to obtain my bachelors degree in entertainment management then continue my education to obtain my masters in the same field so i can provide my daughter with the type of life I always dreamed i would one day be able to give her .The Information i have gathered will be of great help in me obtaining my dream career in the entertainment world .

  3. chicqutar calloway

    After having lost my job of 14 years do to shut down,I have decided to change careers. since may 2011 I’ve been taken
    classes at a local tech.collage in the field of solar energy. I’m a African American female,My husband works 2 jobs, but can’t afford to pay for my education. Iv’e taken
    out school loans. Are there any grants out there that I can apply for.

  4. admin


    you must go directly to the scholarship sponsor website to apply. Sometimes there are links in the article and other times you will have to search for them in your favorite web browser.

  5. Jada Murray

    I have donated my time to the local Head Start Community Action Agency that is dedicated to advocating for the disadvantage and empowering the powerless. I have volunteered my time in the local Animal shelter. I enjoy helping and giving of my time.
    I really need to get a scholarship to continue my education. At this time my father is not working and there is only one income in our house whole.

  6. Kellyb

    I am a senior in High school looking for College scholarships. I am an African American girl. I am rank 35/211 in my class I just need help finding some scholarships. I am also Caribbean descendants if there are any scholarships for that as well.
    Thank you

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