Expect the Unusual with Scholarships for Women

Talbot’s Department Store has developed a new twist on encouraging women to shop. This company recently decided to offer scholarships for women who had delayed getting a college degree while pursuing family or other interests for at least ten years before determining to return to college and get a degree. Although this college scholarship for women is a little more unusual than the rest, several scholarship opportunities are offered only to women.

The Talbot Women Scholarship Fund, for example, offers five women a chance to receive $10,000 awards toward tuition assistance at a four-year college or university. In comparison, women attending a two-year or vocational school are eligible for only $1,000 each. All of these students must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify.

Another unique women scholarships is offered to those who are interested in returning to college for a career in physics. This award, known as the M. Hildred Blewett Scholarship, is not easily obtained, however. A number of criteria must be met, however, to fulfill the requirements for this tuition assistance.

First, the woman must have left college earlier in life because of family reasons. Furthermore, eligible candidates will be affiliated in some way to a research institution or national laboratory. Furthermore, they will be residents of either the United States or Canada, and have previously completed some coursework toward a PhD. This scholarship grant offers a one-time award of $45,000, although winners can apply for an additional year of support during subsequent years of education.

Although some awards are designated as minority scholarships, some funds are offered to women of any ethnic heritage who demonstrate a critical financial need. One example of this is the Career Advancement Scholarship. Women who have extreme need and wish to advance their education must demonstrate an expected family contribution of $2,500 or less on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You can read more about unusual scholarships for minorities or women Hispanic scholarships.

In addition, candidates for this tuition assistance must be 25 years old, and be a permanent resident of the United States. Admission to a regionally accredited United States college is another requirement for receipt of this award. Finally, students must have definite career plans and not be working toward a PhD, MD or JD degree.

A number of scholarships for African American women and Asian women are also available. Many of these are business scholarships or science research endowments. Some are designed especially to encourage minority women to enter fields in which they are underrepresented. Surprisingly, the competition for these female scholarships is usually not as fierce as one might think. This may be, at least in part, because the scholarships are not widely advertised.

If you are a woman looking for scholarship opportunities, do not forget to investigate these and other unique scholarship opportunities available to you. Do not allow your future college plans to be hindered because you allow these little-known scholarship awards to go unclaimed. Apply today for your chance to secure your future education with one of these unusual scholarship opportunities!
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  1. admin says:

    A really outstanding womens scholarship program to look into if you are a mom is the Project Working Mom Scholarships. $5 million in awards will go to (285) students for a full-tuition scholarship. It seems too good to be true but it is. This is for online degrees only which is perfect for a mother because they don’t have to drive to college nor worry about child care etc. PWM works with the top online degree colleges too. This is a must to investigate for all you mothers out there!

  2. admin says:

    A growing career path for women is Homeland security. There are Homeland security scholarships for women through the Horizons scholarship which pays a high stipend to females who want to go into this field. Now is a good time to start learning about this because it will only grow and get bigger every year and there may be a shortage of women in this field. It may not be for everyone byt right for the select few.

  3. yougbare s. A. Nadine says:

    Iam looking for a scholarship to complete my management studies(a year of bachelor)
    I am a french speaker but I Want to continu my study in a English speaking country.

  4. Well now, what a nice experience it has been stopping by a blog such as this. And so I thought I would offer some feedback. This site was actually recommended to me by a work collegue so based on that I thought I should ‘trot on over’ & ‘check it out’ and yes, my friend wasn’t wrong… terrific effort. It is a shame but there is an endless number of blogs out there that are dull and it’s terrific to see someone putting in the effort to get it right, don’t stop doin’ it.

  5. Patty says:

    I am single mom , back to college.
    Need to apply for scholarship.
    Where do I apply?

  6. admin says:


    go to scholarships for moms and read more.

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