Unclaimed Florida John McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

Are you are a Florida student with a disability?

Then the frequently unclaimed Florida John McKay Scholarship for students with disabilities Program offers you an unusual chance to excel educationally through the assistance provided as part of the No Child Left Behind mandate.  Read more about this exciting opportunity to see how a John McKay scholarship can help students with disabilities achieve their educational goals.

This John Mckay scholarship of Florida program offers excellent opportunities for students with disabilities to make choices regarding their education. The Mckay foundation recently awarded more than 17,000 students funds to attend private schools throughout the state. It is also designed to help students who are unhappy with their present public school cover the cost of enroll in a different public school system.

Eligible students will have been enrolled in one of Florida’s public school or preschool systems at the time of the most recent Education Finance Program survey.  Alternatively, children of military parents who have a disability may qualify, even if they were not in the state at the time of the most recent survey. Likewise, those students transferring into Florida schools from other state school systems may also be eligible.

Students who have a disability relating to speech, mental function, hearing, vision, or physical or emotional functions may apply for these Mckay scholarships. Kindergarten students are also able to receive tuition assistance through the McKay scholarship program. These scholarships are effective from the time a student obtains one until he or she graduates from school or returns to a public high school, or until that individual reaches 22 years of age.

In addition, students who enter the correctional system or take home schooling are no longer eligible to participate. Students who receive a different state scholarship will no longer be able to receive the McKay scholarship as well. Finally, those students who attend the state school for deaf or blind students are not able to receive this tuition assistance.

Only those private schools throughout Florida who choose to be part of the John Mckay scholarship program are included. Private schools are not required to participate, but the McKay Scholarship Foundation welcomes any who do choose to participate.  Parents who choose to enroll their children in private schools, however, are responsible for ensuring the adequacy of transportation to and from school each day.

McKay disability scholarships are awarded for the amount of tuition assistance a student would normally receive at the public school he or she would usually attend. Therefore, this Florida Mckay scholarship may not entirely cover the cost of private school tuition, and parents are responsible for the remainder of the cost.  This can be somewhat expensive, so carefully evaluate the cost of private school before you make the decision to commit to this form of education.

Despite this, however, the Florida John McKay scholarship programs can offer students an unusual scholarship opportunity to enhance their elementary and secondary educational experiences, and to prepare for postsecondary education. Don’t allow your student to be left behind because you don’t help him or her take advantage of this often unclaimed scholarship award!

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  1. Daniel Moraga

    Hello, my name is Daniel Moraga, I’m from Las Cruces, N.M and I’m 18 years old. I have Hemophilia A and so do my little brother he has Hemophilia B. I take factor 8 from Xyntha and I’m a Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico in a program called Coram. The reason I’m writing this letter is because I started college on August and I’m having problems paying for my books and for my classes. My sister payed for one class but that was all she could lend me. I did get a scholarship but I wasn’t able to get it because I wasn’t going to that university of that scholarship so I couldn’t use it. I have to pay $752 by November 15, and if I don’t pay I won’t be able to sign up for my 2012 spring classes. I did try to apply at some Hemophilia scholarships but I wasn’t able to get any. In our family we are a total of 7 including my parents. My dad is the only one that works, but his job is not a very good paying job. We do get food stamps because my dad can’t afford a lot of things. I can’t work because of my disability; I am having problems with my left knee so I can’t stand for a long time or walk a long distance. I would really appreciate if you guys could help me in any way. I really want to finish college; and my wish is to be a nurse/EMT. I want to help my family in the future with their financial needs. I just don’t want to give up because of my financial needs. Thank you!!

    Please feel free to contact me if you need more information about me. Thank you

  2. okeke uju

    I’ve noticed that scholarships for physically challenged persons in africa are not considered.As in they are not given. why?

  3. admin


    you may want to go to websites (Foundations and support related websites or associations) which provide support for people with this type of disability to see if they have student aid programs for Asperger students. Go also to disability scholarships to see if they have a related type of disability that may fall into Aspergers syndrome.

  4. Luis Alayon

    Hello. I am not from the United States of America, I am an international student from Venezuela. I would like to know if there is a scholarship for people with disabilities from other countries, I am in a wheelchair (Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy), I am a computer teacher and I am finishing a master’s degree in Software Engineering at Universidad Central de Venezuela (Central University of Venezuela). The American Embassy gives a scholarship here in Venezuela, it is called Fulbright Scholarship. The scholarship does not cover my mother’s expenses, and if I win a scholarship, I can not go alone to the United States.

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