Mexican Scholarships may become Unclaimed Scholarships


 If you have at least one parent who is of Latino ancestry, some exciting opportunities for potentially unclaimed Mexican scholarships await you. If you are looking for money for college, check out some of these unusual grant opportunities to help cover the cost of your tuition expenses. Get more information about these Latino scholarships today!

Some mexican american scholarships for example, are available to students who are actively involved in their communities. The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Scholarships Award offers financial aid monies to Mexicans who are part of community or public service projects. Students who demonstrate leadership potential can receive up to $2,500 toward the cost of their education.

Other scholarships for Mexican students have been designated for students in Ohio who have at one parent with a fully Hispanic heritage. These persons are eligible to win between $500 and $1,500. The foundation that administers this scholarship for the children of Mexican immigrants does require students who are chosen to be semifinalists to undergo at least one interview prior to receiving this mexican scholarship.

Other community Mexican scholarships that are available to persons of Mexican, Spanish, or Latino heritage include those provided through the Hispanic Scholarship Fund. Students who win this scholarship grant for Mexicans are eligible for $1,000 to $5,000 in tuition assistance.

Students who maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.7 may apply for this. In addition, scholarship recipients are required to have at least one parent who is of fully Latino heritage, or two parents whose heritage is at least 50 percent Latino in order to win this Mexican american scholarship. The scholarship foundation also considers students based on individual financial need as well as academic achievement.

Lawyers in Santa Clara County, California, have also decided to band together to assist students to get money for college. Members of La Raza Lawyers Association offer up to $1,000 in university scholarships to Latino students who are either from the Bay area, or who are attending certain colleges in California. Community and school involvement, as well as financial need, are criteria used in the selection of these scholarships for Mexican students.

Texas residents who are of Latino heritage and are between the ages of 17 and 22 may qualify for the Vickie Carr Scholarship. Only U.S. citizens who are between these ages and who reside in Texas may apply to this mexican scholarships fund.

These and many other unique grant scholarships are available to Latino and Hispanic college students who want to go to college and get their degree. Don’t let these awards become unclaimed scholarships! The unusual generosity of persons of Mexican and Latino heritage who have experienced financial success can make it possible for future students to graduate from college as well. If you are really determined to go to college, check out these potentially unclaimed scholarships for mexicans and other Latino awards. You can’t afford not to spend the hour or so that it might take to fill out the application, especially if you end up getting Mexican american scholarships for half of your college tuition in return. Start finding out about these Mexican scholarships now!

*If you are a Hispanic student getting ready to enroll or already enrolled in college consider the National LULAC Scholarship Fund to help pay some of your tuition. The LNSF was established in 1962 based on a local LULAC councils outreach program aimed at funding the hopes for higher education of disadvantaged and yet gifted minority students.

*Oil Can Henry’s Scholarships could be Unclaimed Scholarships

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  2. enrique sosa

    my son is going to the keiser university for nucleaur medicine, his goal is to become a nurse, also he works full time at the a hospital at nights as a trasporter and then goes to scholl in the morning,his father is mexican, and i’am of cuban/columbian from my parents.
    i appreciated any leads to help my son with school

  3. Luisio C. Garcia

    young gril at our church is in the usa illegal but was brough here when she was very young now finsihing high school and to go to college but need scholarship. where can she apply

  4. Michelle Lago

    I wanted to know if there are any scholarships available for Mexicans who are not residents of the U.S. and live in Mexico?
    I live in Mexico, but I already got accepted for two colleges in the U.S. I just don’t have enough money to pay for college 🙁
    Are there any scholarships available for people like me?

    Thank you!

  5. Donna J. Brewer

    My grandson’s father was an illegal Mexican who doesn’t even know of the child. My daughter didn’t want him either. My husband and I have raised him for 18 years and are both on disability. We live in Kentucky and he wants to attend EKU. Would my grandson be eligible for a scholarship for the 2014 college year? Thank you.

  6. admin


    you want to look into grants. Fill out the FAFSA and this will tell you his eligibility. Set up an appointment with the FinAids manager at EKU to discuss student aid options. Need based programs will be the best. Also consider no co-signer student loans too. These are government loans and are the best.

  7. Daniela Ramirez

    hello…I’m Mexican but I just started studying in the step, and I already know what I’m going to do when I leave the university, I just need financial help.

  8. admin


    APPLY TO AS MANY AWARDS AS YOU QUALIFY FOR. Start doing one per day. The only way to see if can win an award is to try. Apply now.

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