Unclaimed College Scholarships for Nursing

Scholarships for Nursing

You can get a free education with college scholarships for nursing if this is a field you might be interested in. Consider the following and you may be running to major in nursing!

This month, the first baby boomer retired and received a social security check. From that day on, an estimated 10,000 people will be eligible for retirement each day!
How could this information possibly relate in any way to scholarships for nursing students?

hospital nursing scholarship and Service League Nursing Scholarship
Because of the aging population, researchers have predicted a shortage of between 340,000 and 1 million nurses in the United States. The average age of a nurse today is 48 years old, and many in the profession are fast approaching retirement. This, combined with the rapidly aging demographics of the country’s population, offers a dismal forecast for the future of healthcare. With this in mind, many health-related agencies are becoming more active in assisting to fund scholarships for nursing majors.

Nursing school scholarships and nursing scholarship grant

A hospital nursing scholarship, for example, are once again becoming much more popular. For example, Akron General Medical Center in Akron, Ohio offers a Service League Nursing Scholarship for an Ohio resident accepted at a Baccalaureate Nursing Program supported by that state. Both academic eligibility and financial need are considered in awarding this money.

nursing scholarships and grants

The National Student Nurses’ Association offers another helpful nursing scholarship grant. The Promise of a Nursing Scholarship is offered to students in a number of states, including Illinois, Texas, California, and Michigan. These awards, available for between $1,000 and $5,000, are available to all undergraduate nursing students in these states. Financial need is a consideration in selecting of scholarship winners.

Minority nursing scholarships

Minority nursing scholarships are also available through the National Black Nurses Association. This award, known as the Mayo Foundations Scholarship, is offered to full-time students who are members of the NBNA in their freshman, sophomore, and junior years of college. Financial need is not considered in this scholarship, and neither is ethnicity. This minority nursing scholarship ranges from $500 to $2,000 each. Ten scholarships are awarded annually.

Nursing education scholarship and William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship

One particularly unusual nursing education scholarship is the William R. Goldfarb Memorial Scholarship. This money is available for students in nursing and other baccalaureate programs. Applicants must possess an amateur radio operator’s license. Candidates must submit a single-paged essay reflecting on the effect that being an amateur radio operator has had on their lives. This nursing education scholarship program offers an award of $10,000 to one individual. Students who apply for this unique scholarship must demonstrate financial need.

HRSA nursing scholarship

The HRSA nursing scholarship is a federally funded award based primarily on financial need. Students who accept this scholarship must agree to serve for at least two years in a health care institution with a critical nursing shortage. The HRSA nursing scholarship program covers all tuition, books and fees, as well as clinical and laboratory costs. Students must attend school full-time, and be free from any pre-existing service commitments, such as service in the Armed Forces.

scholarships for nursing students

Many other unique,weird and unusual scholarships are available for nursing students and may become an unclaimed scholarship!  One is the Tylenol scholarship fund. It’s given to someone who wants to go into the medical field, and nursing certainly is medical.

Those who search carefully enough will most likely find a scholarship especially suited to their needs. Do not pay a high price for college tuition – do your research and make sure that these lesser-known nursing scholarships do not go unclaimed!
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