Weird Gay Scholarships by National Gay Pilots Association NGPA

NGPA Scholarships
NGPA Scholarships

The National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Education Fund Scholarships, also known as the NGPA Education Fund, or NGAP-EF, offers gay scholarships to students who are working towards careers as pilots in the aviation field. However, there are certain stipulations that apply in order to be eligible for the scholarship program. One of these stipulations makes this fall into the weird scholarships category in today’s scholarship world – but in a good way.

The first stipulation is that you must have some level of community involvement, and preferably, that involvement will be in support of the gay community, including support of lesbians, gay, bi-sexual individuals, and transgender people. The community as a whole is known as the LGBT community.

The next provision of this gay scholarship is that you do not have to be gay to be eligible for National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Education Fund Scholarships. Normally, you must be gay to receive a gay scholarship but the NGPA association opens this up to non gay students as long as they meet the other requirements. This makes the NGPA award into the weird scholarships classification because one would immediately think that you must be gay to even be considered for this scholarship for gay pilots. Maybe it’s because there is a shortage of gay pilots and/or the NGPA also try’s to have non gays garnish support for the gay community. Be that as it may this is a solid scholarship with fair qualifying criteria which doesn’t discriminate against non gays and there is something to be said about that. It still makes our weird scholarships list because of this unusual but fair to all qualifying caveat.

Other than your support and community involvement in support of the LGBT, and the fact that you must be working towards a career as a pilot, you must also be enrolled in an accredited school in a program of study for airport management, engineering, aerospace, aerodynamics, or a related field. Unlike many other scholarship programs, you do not have to be a citizen of the United States, and you do not have to be attending a school in the United States in order to qualify.

The funds awarded by the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) Education Fund Scholarships cannot be used towards paying for private flying lessons, or private pilot certification. However, the funds can be used for tuition at a Government Certified Flight School.

When you apply for these weird scholarships for gay students, you must fill out the application, and provide information that documents your academic progress and achievements, your community work, any work experience that you may have, extra curricular activities that you have been involved in and of course your financial need. Any awards or honors that you have received should be included, and you will need a letter of recommendation as well.

Along with your Gay Pilots Association application you will also be required to submit two essays with your application. One of your essays must be about your career goals and objectives, and the second essay must be about your contribution to the LGBT community. Due to the large number of applications that are received, any application that does not have these two essays included will not be considered for the NGPA gay scholarships.

Examples of LGBT community service work include volunteering for an AIDS organization, the American Civil Liberties Union, or participating in other organizations that work to support the LGBT community.

If you are granted a gay college scholarship award by the NGPA, your award amount will be sent directly to your school. The numbers of awards that are given out each year, as well as award amounts, vary from year to year, but the average award amount is $3500 per gay scholarship.

Applications for the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA) gay scholarships can be obtained through the NGPA website, and they must be submitted by March 1st of each year. Winners of these awards are announced during the summer months, with the awards being disbursed for the fall semester following the announcement of winners. If these weird scholarships for gays; but fair to all seem that it may fit into your lifestyle then this gay college scholarship is worth exploring.

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