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Easy to Get Scholarships

The first rule about looking for easy scholarships is before all else is to keep it simple in grabbing the easy to get scholarships. From square one you must find and go after the low hanging fruit, or the easiest scholarships you can qualify for first because they will be the simple scholarships for you in the first place to qualify for and you don’t want to miss their application deadlines. You may automatically receive an easy scholarship simply by applying and filling out the application.

You may have answered something on the application which may simply land you a particular scholarship because of a past activity you were involved in. You must go after every form of financial aid such as scholarships, grants, need based aid, guaranteed scholarships, church education donations, competitions, contest (i.e. – essay) or other awards which will help pay for college because tuition is just so expensive today. It doesn’t matter what they call it – it’s all free money for you to help pay your way through college. It’s all green. In fact they should name it ‘green college aid’.

You may not be the brightest crayon in the box or maybe you just are and the records don’t show it. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need, and cannot get a college education. It just means that you’ll have to work harder than others to pay for that degree. You may think that you cannot possibly be eligible for any easy to get scholarships to apply for to help pay for that education that you so desperately need, but you would be wrong. There are many simple scholarships that are not awarded based on academic achievement or grade point averages at all.

As an example in today’s scholarship world, if you have a special talent, such as duck calling, you could win a scholarship. If you are left-handed, you could win a left handed scholarship. There are tall scholarships available for those who are tall, and scholarships for being short, and even those who are great at playing marbles too. It almost seems absurd that there are all of these types of absurd unusual scholarships, but there are; and good for the students that get them too! We support this – helping student’s pay for their tuition at any means possible. Education really should be free for anyone who wants it in today’s society and this is what motivates us at our website to help students who want to attend college find free money to pay for it; via scholarships/grants/need based aid – etc.

You must think outside of the academic box to get easy scholarships for those who are not geniuses with high GPAs. You can also use a service such as Fast Web, to find unusual or weird scholarships that are not awarded based on academic achievements or GPAs. In fact, you will be amazed at how many easy scholarships to apply for are available that do not require you to have a high GPA or academic achievements.

Roughly two billion in scholarships from service clubs, organizations, and various charities are doled out yearly and it’s estimated over one million students receive them. That works out to be $2,000 every 13th student. The easy to get scholarship money is out there you just have to get busy and start making the phone calls to locate it. This is the easiest way to go about it – calling on the phone or internet/emailing to various colleges. You will have to do both to cover all you need to cover and be effective and make good use of time. The main thing is to do it!

Also consider easy to get scholarships for certain programs of study. For any program of study that you enter, you can be certain that there are simple scholarships available from various different organizations related to that field of study, and not all of them have GPA requirements. However, there will be other requirements, such as being a full time student and pursuing a degree in a certain field.

Guaranteed scholarships are another area to consider. These easy scholarships to apply for are granted based on various things – such as being a member of a certain church or religion, having a parent who works for a certain company, being a member of a certain organization, (i.e.. maybe reaching the Gold award in Girl Scouts resulting in girl scout scholarships) or a number of other factors. The best thing about guaranteed scholarships is that there is no lengthy or competitive selection process to worry about. As long as you have in your background what the scholarship criteria requires then ‘BINGO’ you are awarded one of the easiest scholarships to apply for.

Fortunately, there are also many easy scholarship programs that do require something in the way of a GPA, but those scholarships accept low GPAs – around 2.50 to 2.75. You also need to consider any special talents that you have, and any organizations that are associated with those talents. Many well known brands also have easy scholarships to apply for programs, where awards are made on essays that are submitted. You don’t have to be smart to write a winning essay. You just need to be thoughtful, and use a bit of creative thinking. Calgon, Tylenol, and numerous other companies have scholarship programs such as this.

Paying for college can be hard if you don’t take advantage of all of the grants and scholarships that you can possibly get, and you should never assume that you are not eligible for this type of financial aid just because you have less than stellar grades, or because you don’t have a genius I.Q. There are easy to get scholarships for those people as well, but in a world where discrimination on any basis is going ‘out of style,’ there are plenty of opportunities for you as well.


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  1. Guaranteed scholarships are really easy to get IF you have what the college is looking for such as high SAT or ACT scores. If you were an Eagle scout or Gold Girl scout then there will be many colleges who will award you financial aid.

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