Never let the AXA Achievement Scholarship go Unclaimed

AXA Achievement Scholarship go unclaimed
AXA Achievement Scholarship

The AXA Achievement Scholarship is one student financial award which should never go unclaimed because of the number of and size of the AXA scholarships doled out each and every year. The AXA Achievement Scholarship Program is the 800 pound scholarship gorilla. It is sponsored by the AXA Foundation in conjunction with US News and World Report. Each year 52 winners are selected – one from each state by their non profit partner Scholarships America. These 52 winners of the AXA Achievement Scholarship are granted a one time scholarship award of $10,000.00. Among the 52 state winners a further 10 are selected as National Achievers and granted 15,000.00 in additional scholarship funds, and in addition are offered an internship with the AXA Financial Inc.

The AXA Achievement Scholarship was launched in 2003 by the AXA Foundation, the Philanthropic arm of the AXA Equity Group. In addition the foundation provides AXA Community Scholarships high school students in communities with AXA Financial branch offices. These local AXA scholarships are in the amount of $2.000.00. The AXA foundation also offers up to 50 AXA scholarships to high school students of AXA Financial employees. This foundation supports the PTA and the national Parent Teacher Association. They provide not only financial support in the form of scholarships but also information on higher education resources.

US News and World Report also have a well known educational branch which ranks the best colleges and graduate schools. The partnership with the AXA Achievement Scholarship began with the inception of the scholarship program in 2003. Approximately 1.3 million dollars in scholarships are awarded to US students through this philanthropic partnership.

The winners of the AXA Achievement Scholarship have exhibited ambition, drive to succeed, the ability to set goals and meet them, respect for themselves, their family and their community, and display the ability to succeed in college. The AXA Achievement Scholarship is open to high school seniors who plan to enroll in a full time undergraduate course of study at an accredited university or two year college. Applicants for the AXA Achievement Scholarship must be US citizens or legal residents of the US. The students selected will have displayed extraordinary purpose and achieved exceptional goals which in turn have benefitted their community.

Selection of the winners of the AXA is performed by the Scholarships America Foundation. The Scholarship America is a nonprofit organization which has helped manage scholarships for organizations for the last 30 years. They help manage open scholarships for non profit and philanthropic organizations such as the AXA Achievement Scholarship, as well as private scholarships for companies and groups.

The deadline for application for the 2010 AXA Achievement scholarship has passed and the winners for the 2010 awards have been announced. Applications and information for the 2011 year will be available in August of 2010. For more information about go to AXA Achievement Scholarship. Put your best foot forward to apply and don’t let this scholarship go unclaimed.

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