The Big Dig Scholarship Is Unusual

Big Dig Scholarship
The Big Dig Scholarship

There is such a great variety of unusual scholarships available out there and not all of them are your typical run of the mill scholarships. Take The Big Dig Scholarship for example. This is a unique scholarship you will really dig; pardon the pun. The Dig scholarship is offered by and yes it will involve some digging; but we will get to that later. This is one of those Big scholarships just waiting to be claimed by the right person and it will not be unclaimed if you apply to it. If you are in your 12th grade of High School or in your Freshman or Sophomore year at a college or university then sit up and take notice. This may be one of the Big scholarships you are looking for.

Let’s not beat around the bush; but get right to the meat of this Dig scholarship. offers the $3,000 Big Dig scholarship annually to the applicant, which best meets the criteria suggested. The deadline for applying for the Big Dig Scholarship this year is June 1, 2011. Now that we have that out of the way let’s explore the Dig scholarship itself. This Dig college scholarship is decided upon an essay. As mentioned earlier you must be a senior in High School with intent to enter college or already studying during your first or second year of post High School education from an accredited college or university. Other than that; as long as you submit your essay as directed by the June 1, 2011 deadline then you have meant the requirements of eligibility.

The Big Dig Scholarships requires an essay of 500-1000 words to be submitted on the subject chosen by You may not be surprised to learn that this Big scholarship revolves around digging. You may have heard about people who bury time capsules for their family or community to dig up hundreds of years in the future so that they will know how people were living today. These capsules would be filled with various products of major interest today.

The Big Dig Scholarship is based on that principle. The applicant will have to bury an item that can be found in stores today and is valued at less than $500. Once this is done; the applicant will then proceed to writing their masterful essay of 500-1000 words on the item they nestled snuggly into the earth. In this essay the item that was buried will have to be described and it should be listed where that item can be found in the retail industry today.

In addition, the applicant must also present the cost of the item. Once this is completed it is time to get down to the good stuff. The applicant must then explain why they chose that item for burial. Keeping in mind that the item buried must have the potential of gaining in value over the centuries; describe why they are so certain the item they buried will. These essays are judged for being original and filled with meaningful content. It is also important that the essay is written properly using punctuation and grammar. To break it down; the content depth will be 50% of the grade, Originality 35%, and punctuation, spelling, and grammar 15%. If you can write the best essay; you can win this unusual Dig Scholarship and it pays a nice size stipend to boot.

The Big Dig Scholarship is a fun and rewarding opportunity to do something very interesting for the future and at the same time obtain a $3,000 award from the scholarship provider, which is All the applicant has to do is follow the simple directions and then submit their essay and application prior to June 1, 2011. The process is simple and straight forward and that is always a positive when you are pursuing any Big scholarship. If you are interested in applying for the Big Dig Scholarship based on the essay aforementioned; are in your senior year of High School and college bound, or in your first 2 years of college or university study; then this highly unusual scholarship may be waiting for you.

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