Walt Disney Scholarships Unknown

Walt Disney Scholarships

While there are many obvious choices when looking for financial aid today their are those unknown scholarships such as the Walt Disney scholarships to consider. This is one place students often forget to look to which are offered by private foundations, especially from groups like Walt Disney. This is surprising because with the focus Walt Disney has on young audiences, it should be expected that they may be interested in funding academic achievement in the youth they profit so handsomely from.

Walt Disney scholarships come in many different forms, some offered directly through their Junior Achievers awards, and others sponsored from their foundation through specific institutions. Students who are looking to find a Walt Disney scholarship should always check with the university they are enrolled in to see if they participate in any programs with the Walt Disney Foundation, and if they do not, look directly over their website to see if they are eligible for the direct Junior Achievement awards. Keep in mind that although many students may not have thought to look exactly at Walt Disney, enough young people are involved in these programs to make them highly competitive.

Through the the Junior Achievement awards, Walt Disney scholarships normally exist through a couple independent projects such as the Excellence through Ethics essay contest and the Joe Francomano Scholarship. Separately, though under the Walt Disney banner, is the annual Resort Scholarships which should be considered by students as well.

The Walt Disney scholarships offered through the Junior Achievement Awards come through individual programs. One of these programs is the Excellence through Ethics essay contest in which students submit a 500 word essay looking to address an ethical issue in the world at large. This Walt Disney scholarship offers $5,000 to one winner which will be submitted to the university the chosen student is currently or is planning to attend to help pay for tuition costs. The essays are judged by considering whether or not they display a clear understanding of the use of business ethics, have a rational point of view, was original in its analysis and was well written. It is open to all high school seniors who are preparing to head off to college immediately after graduation. Though no 2011 date has been announced yet, this annual little known Disney scholarship 2011 is expected to have an April 30 deadline as it has in every previous year.

Another obscure Disney scholarship offered through the Junior Achievement Awards is the Joe Francomano Scholarship offered annually. Though it only awards a single $5,000 corporate scholarship every year, those who have won previously may renew every year for up to four years making the overall award potentially $20,000. In order to be eligible for the Joe Francomano Scholarship by Disney, students must be a high school senior preparing to graduate and enter college. An essay of less than 250 words must be submitted on a specific question relating to a current event and three letters of recommendation must be submitted for the student. The deadline for this unheard scholarship is February 1, so students should keep this in mind as they plan to apply in the next year.

Though the Walt Disney scholarships offered through the Junior Achievement awards are a great source of financial aid, they are not the only source of these programs. Every year since 2006 the Disneyland Resort Scholarship Program has awarded ten $5,000 scholarships to high school seniors preparing to head off to college. While restricted to residents of Orange County, California, this Disney scholarship 2011 represents its own great award by requiring applicants to have worked at least 100 hours in a single year in local community projects. They will also need to have at least a 3.0 grade point average and also be a graduating high school senior. The deadline for this program is January 31 annually.

Looking at all of these programs and considering the other distant Walt Disney scholarships not listed here, one thing becomes incredibly clear: they are looking for encouraging applicants from youthful demographics. If you have been heavily involved in your community, enjoy thinking about critical issues in the world at large, have a strong academic background and are preparing to head off to college after graduation from high school, the Walt Disney Corporate foundation scholarship programs are likely right up your alley. Get to know them and if you qualify – apply to them.

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