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Left Hand Scholarship

There is one unusual left hand scholarship grant offered by only one college that we could find. There may be other obscure left handed scholarships offered by radio stations or certain clubs but this would be one time promotional offerings only – here today gone tommorrow. Nothing that we can really print here as being offered yearly on a consistent basis for college students.

There are many different unusual scholarship opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds. While the bulk of available scholarships are largely based on demographics such as ethnicity or gender, others border on the strange such as scholarships for tall people. In the category of unusual, left hand scholarships grants exist for that small 10% of the population which does not use their right hand in day to day activities. Though again, the only confirmed left handed scholarship is offered at Juniata College, if a student is left handed and interested in that school it is certainly something they should consider applying for. Besides; more and more left handed people are asking ‘Where can I apply for left hand scholarships’. Here we answer it.

A Catholic university by design, Juniata College offers a wide array of degree programs from fields in science to those in the humanities. Not only for undergraduate students, the college has many post undergraduate programs as well as fellowships for those who show incredible academic promise. Accredited well, the school is certainly a viable choice for many students looking into higher education. Because college funding is very often an issue for students coming into post secondary education, it is a wise course to consider what universities offer with regards to financial aid when considering options. The only college to offer a left hand scholarship, students should certainly consider this opportunity when considering their school choices.

The unusual left hand scholarship in question here is the Mary Francis Buckley Left Handed Scholarship which provides anywhere from $1,000 to $1,500 to a number of students from sophomores to seniors. Eligibility to this weird scholarship for left handers requires that all applicants be current students at Juniata College with strong academic marks and history. Applicants must be at least sophomores and the program is not available to those who are enrolled in post undergraduate studies. Of course the most obvious requirement is that a student is a left hander, but that is certainly not enough.

On top of the left handed requirement, students must also be able to demonstrate a capacity to lead. Examples of leadership can include clubs or organizations, or perhaps living by example and participating actively in local community service projects. This is an important aspect to the application process for the left hand scholarship as it not only allows a student to display their own personal merit but also allows them to be set apart in application considerations. Though only a small portion of the population is a left hander, it is likely that many other students attending Juniata will have the same physical attribute.

Because only a small number of these scholarships for left handed people are awarded every year, the leadership qualification will allow applicants to really indicate to the selection committee the relative worthiness of their application through excellent merit. The deadline for applying to the Mary Francis Buckley scholarship for left handed students is April 1, the same date that all applications for financial assistance are due at Juniata College.

While getting access to the Juniata College scholarships for left handers should not be the only determining factor in deciding to head off to Pennsylvania for college, it is certainly something to consider. Beyond that particular scholarship, Juniata College is considered a great place to go to school boosting a relatively small student population at 1,526 allowing more face time with professors. The school has produced a number of notable alumni including William Phillips, a 1970 Nobel Laureate in physics. They are in good academic standing and are accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges, a readily recognizable and trusted source in the United States.

While none of these things should absolutely convince a student to attend Juniata College, every option should be considered. Though other left handed scholarships may exist, they are not very notable and official records tend to indicate the Juniata College is the only place in the United States which provides a unusual scholarship based on dominant hand use. Certainly such a left hand scholarship grant should not be the end of a student’s search, and in order to better maximize their potential for financial aid students should apply to as many programs exist as they are eligible. A good scholarship list would be a good start.

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  1. Michaela Caudill says:

    I wish it was offered as an all around scholarship. I’m left handed, but live in Ohio.

  1. May 18, 2011

    […] to them originally in their research. Consider for instance tall scholarships or the single left handed scholarship offered from Juniata University – though these programs rarely qualify as unclaimed scholarships, […]

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