The Siemens Scholarship Program

The Siemens Scholarships

The Siemens scholarship program is provided every year through a partnership between Siemens and the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Through this partnership there are at least three different Siemens scholarships for healthcare diagnostics available to students who meet the eligibility requirements and have the chops to make it through to selection. On top of the Siemens scholarship program, the Siemens Foundation itself funds a number of merit scholarships which are designed to competitively award the children of employees based on academic performance, volunteer work and general interest in their chosen fields of interest. These programs are almost entirely made possible by the Siemens Foundation which has a special interest in supporting programs that focus on science, math and technology. The group gives out over 7 million dollars every year to deserving groups, foundations and individuals to see towards pushing their interest in technology, science, math and providing students with financial assistance towards higher education goals. All of the Siemens scholarships are little known by most students thinking about aid for college.

As mentioned above, the Siemens scholarship as provided through the American Society for Clinical Pathology is a great source for financial assistance. There are three forms of this program – the general scholarship, the legacy program and the graduate support initiative. While all based on similar concepts, they do vary with regards to the amounts given out and eligibility criteria. The deadline for all programs are posted after August when the application process opens up, so students interested in them should keep their eyes on the website to make sure they do not miss any important dates.

The Siemens general scholarship gives out 50 different $1,000 awards every year. Students who are interested in this program will need to be enrolled in an accredited program, be in their fourth year of clinical studies, have at least a 2.8 grade point average and be a United States citizen. Looking now to the Siemens healthcare diagnostics student legacy scholarship readers will see that some of the requirements do in fact change. While students will still need to be enrolled in an accredited program, children of healthcare diagnosticians may apply to it so long as they maintain a 2.8 grade point average and are United States citizens. This second program provides $2,000 to ten different students. Finally, the Siemens graduate scholarship sees not only a change in eligibility but also an increase in the difficulty of applying. All applicants are expected to be enrolled and actively a part of a graduate program, already involved in a graduate project, hold a certificate in healthcare diagnosis, have at least a 3.0 grade point average and be United States citizens. The graduate scholarship program gives out $1,000 to five different students every year.

This is of course not the only type of scholarship given out by the Siemens company Foundation. Every year the foundation also awards a number of merit-based scholarships of $6,000. These Siemens merit scholarships last for a total of four years with $1,500 being disbursed each academic cycle. All applicants should be US citizens, have taken the Preliminary SAT during their junior year of high school, be planning to enter college full time the next fall and maintain their academic strength while attending college. Further all students applying to the program must be children of current Siemens employees. Applications are due no later than April 1 of every year. In 2010 and 2011 60 different students receiveawards through the Siemens merit scholarship program.

All in all, the Siemens Foundation is one of the more charitable organizations out there with regards to providing financial assistance for the purpose of higher education. Their interest in providing assistance to students who are looking for careers in health is incredibly clear through their participation with American Society for Clinical Pathology. Between all of the programs they provide aid through, the Siemens healthcare diagnostics student graduate scholarship and merit based Siemens scholarship cumulatively end up with at least 125 different awards every year. It’s may be well worth your while applying to these unknown scholarships with so many being given out annually.

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