In-Course Scholarships that are Unclaimed

 in-course scholarships
In-Course Scholarships Unclaimed

What are In-Course Scholarships?

Doing extremely well in your given course of study is something you should strive for. Not only does it help you to do well in the program, but it also helps you in your chosen career when you graduate. Many schools also offer in-course scholarships too as a way of offering something to support those that are excelling. These nameless, or unclaimed scholarships are merit based, and they can make the difference between someone being able to continue their education or not.

The requirements of in-course scholarships though can vary based on the school offering them or the provider of the funds. They generally will require the applicants to have a very high GPA of 3.0 or higher. The student usually needs to be enrolled in the program at least 12 credit hours.

There are also those in-course scholarships that require a department leader in that area of study to recommend students for the funding. These are students that have shown leadership, a desire to learn, and that have excellent grades.

Application Process for in-course scholarships

At many educational entities, there is no application that a student needs to complete. If they meet the criteria with their grades then they will automatically get the funding. There is no competition and there is no limit to the number of them as each student that is merit approved for the funds will get them.

Other in-course scholarships though do require an application to be completed. This can include those that are merit based and those that are recommended by faculty. It is important to find out if the funds offered do require an application or not. Too often, students that would qualify for them don’t get them because they didn’t know they needed an application and when they did find out, the date for turning them in had already passed.

For the majority of the in-course scholarships offered, the deadline to apply is May 31st. However, there could be exceptions so make sure you look into them. Here are some of the common unknown scholarships worth having a peak at to see if you would qualify.

*Below are some in-course scholarships that are unclaimed.

Catherine O. Cameron Memorial Scholarship

This unacknowledged scholarship is awarded by the Canadian Federation of University Women. Applicants must be females that are in the 2nd or subsequent year in the study of geography. Students that show a significant financial need will be a priority for these funds. The amount given depends on available funding and the financial situation of the student.

The Dr. Valentine Guy Griswick Scholarship

This is a scholarship for graduate students only that are in either the 3rd or 4th year of study. Along with an application, applicants have to write an essay about what their future plans are for their medical career. There can be one or more recipients of this scholarship depending on funds and application volume. The dollar amount awarded depends on financial need and the available funding.

The Mrs. Anne Greskiw Scholarship

This in-course scholarship find is for those in the field of pre-med. There are two scholarships awarded annually in the amount of $1,650 each. Students must be in the 3rd or 4th year of the program. They also need to provide a written essay about what their plans are for their medical career. Students that show a significant financial need will be a priority with these funds.

TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Scholarship

This is an unspecified scholarship offered to a 3rd year student in any field that is in very good standing. A stipulation is that the applicants must be the child or grandchild of school alumni. The award is a single $1,000 unknown scholarship annually.

Tom Perry Award

This is an in-course scholarship of $1,050 for a student that has demonstrated a significant contribution to the betterment of the environment through a non-profit charitable organization. There is an application required along with a letter of recommendation from that organization.

In-course scholarships can go unclaimed very easily because many are nameless awards making them invisible scholarships to students who are looking for them.

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