Apply to these Unclaimed Scholarships with an April Deadline

april scholarships
April Scholarships

Below are a few scholarships with April deadlines to consider from some very well known reputable sponsors. They may be unclaimed scholarships if you don’t apply to them. Remember, any scholarship you don’t apply to, and which your a solid candidate for, is your very own unclaimed scholarship. Make time to apply to them!

AICPA Accounting Scholarships for Minorities

The AICPA is a national professional organization for Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the United States which sponsors accounting scholarships to minorities. The AICPA tries to encourage accounting as a major, and ultimately as a career . Over 40 years they have awarded over 40 million in scholarships. Selection is based on academic achievement, demonstrating leadership and volunteerism, along with a strong commitment to becoming a licensed CPA professional.These awards a renewable yearly, which $5,000 is given out every academic year.

Healthy Lifestyles Scholarship is Quick and Easy

Here’s one of my favorite awards because it’s all about living a healthy lifestyle. This is a memorial scholarship. All you have to do is write two essay’s – one 1000 words on ‘Why is a healthy lifestyle healthy in school’ and a 500 word essay on ‘Describing your career plans, goals and personal ambitions’. There is no formal application – just write it and send it in via email. The award is for $5,000. It doesn’t get any easier then this. Too bad more scholarship applications weren’t this fast and simple. You must be a senior in high school, or first year of college. For only US and Canada students.

The Woodinville Garden Club Scholarships

The WGC, which is a community organization united by an inherent love of gardening, host two Woodinville club scholarships of $2,000 each- the Founder’s Scholarship and the Memorial Scholarship. It’s based on High school and/or college transcripts, scholarship application and a letter of recommendation. If this sound like you, then surely apply to it!

CHCI Scholarship

The CHCI Scholarship Program provides critical financial assistance that will increase graduation rates among Latino students in a higher education within the US. A $2,500 undergraduate scholarship is awarded, or $1,000 for an associates degree and $5,000 to pursue graduate-level studies. You must have strong writing skills, show financial need and past community participation projects.

National Association of Black Journalists Scholarships

The NABJ awards black scholarships every year to deserving students wanting careers in journalism. Many NABJ scholarships, up to $2,500 are awarded. All applications can be submitted online making this an easy to apply scholarship.

Ford Motor Scholarships has April Scholarship Deadlines

Ford Motor Company offers numerous Ford Motor Scholarships. Ford has a long-standing commitment to education throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Part of that commitment to education includes funding textbook supplies as well as working and mentoring high school students who are seeking an competitive edge in the car industry. They offer (at the time of this article writing) approximately 8 scholarships. Go to Ford scholarships for more.

Cleveland Scholarships have April Deadlines

Cleveland scholarships are sponsored from the Cleveland Foundation, established in 1914 to make higher education more accessible to the young students of Cleveland, Ohio. Like foundations with similar intents in other parts of the United States, Cleveland scholarships are part of a long-standing tradition which revolves around trying to provide students with new opportunities they may otherwise not have access to. As the organization has grown throughout its history its general wealth has expanded to roughly 1.9 billion dollars. Separate from providing many of their own programs, other outside organizations will partner up with the Cleveland Scholarship Foundation to provide scholarships for students within the city and the surrounding metropolitan areas.

There’s a variety in unclaimed scholarships above; so take a few minutes of your time to explore what may be of interest to you.

10 Replies to “Apply to these Unclaimed Scholarships with an April Deadline”

  1. Andreas Ntsamba

    I am a student pilot, at Namibian Aviation Training Academy; I am graduating for ppl this month then continuing with cpl. I received a letter for unclaimed scholarship.

    But I am want to apply, but I don’t know how can I do it. Please you tell me the procedures; how to apply unclaimed scholarship?

    Yours faithfully
    Andreas Ntsamba

  2. Pam

    I am currently a student at the University of Georgia and i could really use some help with scholarships. Some aspects about me that maybe would help you,help me are:
    -Im Hispanic( Dominican) & Hungarian descent
    -Daughter of a refugee
    -Parents attended college but never graduated so technically a first generation college student
    -Have a 3.8 GPA
    -In the Honors program
    I have found many scholarships and applied to so many, but have yet to receive any so im hoping you can help, im desperate!

  3. Lori Frazier

    Hi. I am a single parent. My son is 14 years of age. An honor student at De La Salle Institution in Chicago, Il. His GPA is 3.5. I would like for him to stay enrolled at this school but infortunate it is too expensive. I could really use the help. I will work for it as we’ll.

  4. Taylor

    Hi. I am a white, middle class student. I am a high school student with a 4.0 GPA, a varsity athlete, and have a 29 ACT score. What I am NOT is a minority, nor an elite athlete. My parents have student loans for 3 others. However, all of the scholarships rule ME out because I am white and middle class. My EFC is really more than my family can afford, yet I qualify for very little. HELP!!!

  5. admin


    with your ACT and GPA you can get some scholarship at any college you attend. You must apply to the colleges to see what they are. I would talk to the FinAids manager firstly to see what you can get at the college you are interested in. Ask them about there guaranteed scholarships which you will qualify for. If your looking for a full scholarship only, then this is where you may be thinking what you are.

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