Fun Unclaimed Scholarships with a June Application Deadline

scholarships with a june application deadline
June Scholarships

The following unclaimed scholarships with a June application deadline are designed for students who are looking to apply to colleges and universities. These fun to apply to scholarships all have an application deadline in June. They are found in all universities in the United States.

The Big Dig Scholarship

The name on this scholarship may confuse you somewhat. You may think that applicants have go out and dig the deepest hole or similar  but this is not the case whatsoever. The Dig part is a part of the scholarship, but it happens on the back end. Let me explain. Administered by the Antique Trader, the Big Dig Scholarship is designed primarily for college sophomores, college freshmen as well as high school seniors. There are no specific requirements for application to this scholarship, and all students must submit an essay that is based on an object which they believe will have a lot of value in the future. In fact if you win, they bury your prediction and dig it up later sometime in the future to see if you were accurate as described in your essay. Sounds intriguing and makes you want to apply for it. The Big Dig Scholarship applicants must submit their essays by the 1st of June in order to become eligible. The total award that can be received through this scholarship is $3,000.

The Shop Smart Scholarship

The Shop Smart Scholarship is set for students who are currently undergraduate students or seniors in their high school. These students must have a minimum GPA of 2.0, and must be US citizens or be residing permanently in the United States. Moreover, the applicants need also be enrolled in to a post secondary program. In order to apply for this June application scholarship, applicants need to write an essay explaining how their experience in college has been defined, or will be defined by ingenuity, thrift, frugality or effort. The whole essay should be written while keeping in line with the theme of shopping smart, and should talk about the biased high annual costs of tuition as well as student loans. Writing the essay shoud be fun! The total value of funds that can be granted is around $2,000 and the deadline for application is the 1st of June.

The Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest

The Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship Contest is administered by the Duck Tape. In order to become eligible for admission to this scholarship contest, all applications need to be a part of a couple, and should make their prom dress or attire from the duct tape manufactured and sold by Duck Tape. A photo needs to be submitted of the couple in their prom attire so that they can be judged on their creativity, workmanship and skill, use of accessories as well as color selection. The quantity of duct tape used also matters significantly. All applicants need to be legally residing within the United States of America or should be legal residents of Canada. The states of Colorado, Maryland, Vermont, the Province of Quebec as well as Puerto Rico are exempted from this scholarship contest. At the time of entry, the minimum age of a participant should be at least 14 years. Participants should also be attending a prom in their high school, community or any home school association. The deadline for applications is June 13th, and the total award that can be given through this scholarship ranges from $500 to $5,000. This scholarship is all about having fun!

The Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship

The Bruce Lee Foundation Scholarship has a total value of $1,000, and is administered by the Bruce Lee Foundation. All applicants above or at the age of 16 are applicable for this scholarship with an application deadline in June, as long as they are attending either a two year college or university, or a four year college or university. The criteria for getting accepted ranges from, but is not limited to, involvement in extracurricular activities, work experience as well as their knowledge of Bruce Lee (who was a martial arts expert). The deadline for acceptance to this scholarship is June 15th.

Teens Drive Smart Video Scholarship

The Teens Drive Smart Video Scholarship is applicable by all legal residents within the 50 United States as well as the District of Columbia, between the ages of 16 to 21. In order to qualify, students must have a legal driver’s license, and should be full time students at an accredited university or college or trade school. Moreover, students also need to submit an original video which shows the reason why driving safely is important amongst teens. The total award ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 and the deadline for acceptance to this June application deadline scholarship is June 22nd. All of the above are unclaimed scholarships with June application deadline; and are a lot of fun to apply for. They are not that time consuming either, which is always important when applying for student awards. If any seem like they would be enjoyable to participate in; give it a go and let us know how it went!

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