Unclaimed Scholarships from Amherst College are Unbelievable

Unclaimed Scholarships from Amherst College
Unclaimed Scholarships from Amherst College

Here’s an unclaimed college scholarship from Amherst College that is the most powerful that I’ve seen in a long time, and it makes me wonder: if they can help students financially like this then why can’t all college’s do the same thing.

Unclaimed scholarships can be called many different names by college’s, and also come in many various student aid forms. Amherst College has all the forms you will love if you are a student looking for financial aid to pay your way through college.

If you keep in mind that when a college allows you to attend their college with very little out of your pocket, then it can be called a ‘scholarship’, ‘grant’, ‘need blind Fin Aid’, ‘no loan policy’, or ‘cover 100% of demonstrated financial need’.

It’s all the same – you don’t have to pay it back!

If you see these words in the financial aid sections of their websites then you want to read more about it and fully understand it. If you have questions, then you want to call them to make sure you know all about their programs with the above words in them, because they may apply to you.

If it does apply to you then you hit the college financial aid jackpot for yourself!

College will be financially worry free for you!

You may not graduate with ANY student loans to pay off like MOST  after graduation!

These are the greatest unclaimed scholarships you can ever find!

Closer look at Amherst College’s Unclaimed Scholarships

Amherst College calls themselves need blind for domestic students as well as international ones. They will give 100% student aid of the demonstrated financial need of all their admitted students.

This is not a typo you just read either. You can go directly to their website after you read more about it here to see for yourself.

The easy student aid at Amherst College allows the student to have zero debt upon graduation by offering generous scholarships and grants. Last year they awarded 44 million in various unclaimed scholarships and their average Fin Aids award is $45,000.

Amherst College, one of few in the country, does not require their students to acquire student loan debt in order to pay for their undergraduate studies. Students therefore need not take out student loans, which are included in most financial aid awards given out by colleges.

They want college to be affordable for their admitted students and they actually take the steps necessary to get this done. Their website is simply set up to easily navigate to see where you may fit in too.

One of the first places to see where you stand is using their Financial Aid Calculator at: https://www.amherst.edu/offices/financialaid/calculator. Here you can get an idea of your personal student financial standing.

Amherst College is not inexpensive to attend. It’s very expensive as a matter of fact, but because of their large student aid contribution of unclaimed scholarships it becomes a reality with their host of student aid programs covering 100% of the demonstrated financial need.

This is why you should never look at a college’s total cost to attend, and let that alone turn you away to look elsewhere. Your FAFSA along with a college’s programs based on income will level the playing field for every college – bar none!

Once a student starts to use the online student aid calculators, which almost all college’s have by the way, you will start to see how it works and you will not be intimidated to apply to ANY college who has similar student aid offerings as Amherst College.

As I said before unclaimed college scholarships have many aliases – need blind student aid, no loan policy, or cover 100% demonstrated financial need.

These are the keywords to look for in order to get your student financial aid lottery for yourself.

When you see these words or similar ones, you know you’re in the right area on that college’s website.

Using any colleges financial aids calculator can reveal their host of unclaimed scholarships.

I suggest you use them a lot!

*Here’s the unbelievable Amherst College Scholarships and Financial Aid Information –  Go to: https://www.amherst.edu/admission and https://www.amherst.edu/admission/financial_aid

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