Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships from Community Foundations

Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships from Community Foundations
Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships from Community Foundations

Many times unclaimed scholarships are those easy to apply scholarships that come along unexpectedly; mostly by stumbling upon them, in which you apply to them and are awarded very quickly.

You may know right off that you qualify enough to apply for them by quickly glancing at the qualifying guidelines and intuitively feel that you can win.

Many times students don’t apply because they feel it may be too difficult to win.

*Bingo – unclaimed scholarship!

If you feel that way then everyone else does. You may get mediocre candidates applying to them and then they go on to win those seemingly hard awards.

All along it could have easily been you who should have won – if you had only applied!

Finding the time to apply is key because most educational awards do take time filling out their applications; and there are so many hours in the day if you work and attend school presently.

Community Foundations offer Easy to Apply Unclaimed Scholarships!

An exciting new unclaimed scholarship opportunity was discovered by our staff that may give applicants more of a chance at winning awards because they may be under the radar.

Less students apply to them because of this, which in turn dramatically increases your odds for winning.

These easier scholarships; unclaimed by those who should actually apply for them and win (but don’t because they don’t know about them), are offered through lessor known about Foundations.

One in particular is the Winston-Salem Foundation. It’s a 94 year-old community foundation encompassing 1,300 funds. These funds were created by many charitable individuals and organizations which serve the purpose of improving the quality of life in a particular area; or even beyond that in other areas too.

Their mission is to invest in their community by making philanthropy & its benefits available to all. They go about this by:

  • Assisting individuals & organizations with their charitable giving
  • Making grants to nonprofit organizations
  • Providing financial aid to college students
  • Offering community leadership on many local issues

One such way that they help designated areas is by providing scholarships to college students! In 2013 the Winston-Salem Foundation had assets of 359 million and provided 576 students with about 1 million in scholarships – that’s $1700 each in easy scholarships!

I’m sure, since it is a Foundation which has a purpose of helping people, has a more liberal scholarship criteria then the norm would, making applying easier, and awards given out even more simpler to attain.

In fact, the Winston-Salem Foundation is the 45th largest community foundation in the US, so there are many other Foundations for students out there to target for student financial aid.

One way to search for them is by state – IE….’Michigan community foundations’. This will keep you busy to see how many unclaimed scholarships you can find to apply to at these various Michigan foundations, or other states you search for.

You can do this for the state you presently reside in. The Winston-Salem Foundation focuses on the quality of life in Forsyth County, so you may want to narrow your search to Foundations in specific counties.

I’m sure the competition for these awards will be a whole lot thinner then other well known scholarships in which thousands of applicants apply to every year.

You may even run across other scholarship opportunities from community based organizations which have yearly educational scholarship awards in which you can also apply to. The applicant pool should also be thin here as well, increasing you odds at winning one.

Applying to Foundation scholarships are usually not as rigid as applying to your standard scholarships. Writing a good essay could be the key which hits on all the points they are looking for could easily land you some unclaimed college scholarship money.

You may be the perfect candidate according to the Foundations criteria; but if you can’t write about it well, then you may not be considered as a winner – so make sure it’s a nice read!

Unclaimed scholarships from community Foundations may be the best type of unclaimed scholarships going right now, so get your easy college scholarships by searching for them and applying to their educational philanthropy scholarships, and their benefits available to all!

To read more go to Winston-Salem Foundation scholarships.

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